Debate café: Biodiversity as European Policy

Thursday 21 April, 20:00
Centre Ceramique, Avenue Ceramique 50

We humans sometimes believe ourselves to be outside nature, but we are a direct and indirect part of an ecosystem of animals, plants, insects and bacteria. Under the influence of agriculture and industry, species all over the world are disappearing every day and we are losing biodiversity. Climate change is accelerating this process. At the European level, an EU biodiversity strategy for 2030 is a focal point in the European Green Deal, but is that enough? The European Parliament has raised the alarm and called for a ‘Paris Agreement’ and a European Biodiversity Law, in order to restore our ecosystems.


What effect does this loss of biodiversity have on our immediate surroundings? And is the European Green Deal ambitious enough? Does biodiversity often come in second place to economic interests?


In this debate café, politicians, scientists and students enter into discussion about these questions and others.


The debate café is organised in collaboration with the Liaison Office of the European Parliament in the Netherlands.

21 April 2022

20:00 - 21:30