The Fifth UM Global Citizenship Education Symposium

In the Fall of 2023 UNESCO Member States agreed on the revised text of the 1974 Recommendation concerning education for international understanding, co-operation and peace and education relating to human rights and fundamental freedoms. This document indicates how education should evolve in the face of contemporary threats and challenges: education should aim to be transformative, seeking to prepare, motivate and empower learners to take informed decisions and actions to promote peace, human rights, sustainable development and global citizenship.

What can you expect?

Transformative engagement is the main focus of our fifth UM Symposium on Global Citizenship Education, which is scheduled for May 23rd.  The head of the Transdisciplinary School at the University of Technology Sydney, Professor Martin Tomitsch, will focus on life centered design and reflect on TD School’s award-winning transdisciplinary programs. Professor of Psychology and Africana Studies at Columbia University in New York Colin Wayne Leach will discuss the place of protest in ethical citizenship in a global world. Further details will follow.



The full program will be published approximately 4 weeks before the event

In between sessions, there will be plenty of time for meeting local and international experts to exchange ideas and networking. 


You can find more information on GCEd at our website