Route to the TU/e (TU/e Campus (

See this link (Google maps) for route directions to the TU/e Eindhoven Google Maps

The central trainstation of Eindhoven is located on the opposite side of the road (5 min. walking).

The Eindhoven airport is 10 km. far from the Campus (20 min. by bus) Public transport | Eindhoven Airport

Public transport schedules : - Travel planner & e-tickets train, bus, metro, tram & boat



Map TU/e campus and Venue (Auditorium Building)

You can reach the Auditorium building (number 1 on the map) in 5-10 minutes by foot from the Eindhoven Central Station. 

When you arrive at the Auditorium building, you can enter the building via the congress entrance and follow the signs to the conference desk for registration.



 By public transport

The conference will be held at the campus of the TU/e. This has excellent transport links, located in the centre of Eindhoven, five minutes walk from the railway station. There are direct connections by bus from Eindhoven airport to Eindhoven railway station, while direct trains from Schiphol airport to Eindhoven run every 30 minutes (1.5 hours).

Transportation from Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport) to Eindhoven Central Station
Trains departing from Schiphol Airport can take you to the Eindhoven Central Station in less than 1.5 hours. Cost: approximately € 19.80 one way for adults. Once you arrive at the Eindhoven Central Station, you can reach the University in 5 minutes by walking.  

Tickets for the train can be purchased at terminals inside the airport or via this website. In addition, you can plan your travel through this website.

Transportation from Eindhoven Airport
Bus 400 and 401 will take you to the central station within 20 minutes. Tickets can be bought at the ticket machine at the bus stop or via this website.

After arriving at Eindhoven Central Train Station
When arriving at Eindhoven railway (NS) station you leave the platform, turn right at the bottom of the stairs and walk to the exit on the north side of the bus station. Continue 25 meters diagonally to the right and you see TU/e Campus at some eight minutes walking distance. Cross the road at the traffic lights and follow the waving footpath to TU/e Campus. The track on the right side, Prof. Dr. Dorgelolaan, is suited for wheelchair users.

When arriving on TU/e Campus you follow the signposting for pedestrians.


By car

TU/e is working on a modern, green campus: TU/e Campus. This also means that we stimulate sustainable transport. TU/e Campus is located in the center of Eindhoven, at some eight minutes walking distance from Eindhoven railway station. This makes it easy to reach by public transport.

If you do come by car, ANWB signposts on all motorways to and around Eindhoven (A2, A50, A58, A67 and A270) will indicate the direction Centrum, until Universiteit is indicated.

Upon your arrival on TU/e Campus you switch off your navigation system at the barriers. The signposting system will take over the guidance. Follow the signs to the Auditorium building. There is  a parking spot in front of the building. Please note that parking is not free of charge on the TU/e campus. You can pay at six payment machines using cash in coins, bank notes, pin or credit card.
More information about charges and payment can be found here.

You can enter the adress: De Zaale, Eindhoven in your navigation system.



Below you will find the agreements made regarding parking on the TU/e Campus.

More information can be found on the website:


  1. Visitors and passers-by

When driving into the TU/e Campus, visitors must collect a ticket from the entry ticket dispenser in order to open the barrier. When leaving the campus, visitors must first pay the parking fee at one of the seven payment terminals (A.1.2.). Visitors who have received an exit ticket can open the barrier by first entering the exit ticket in the exit terminal, followed by the entry ticket (A.1.3.).


    1. Charges for visitors and passers-by

For all seven days of the week, the parking fees at the payment terminals are as follows:

  • Free, if you leave the TU/e Campus within half an hour*
  • €0.50 per 15 minutes
  • €7.50 per 24 hours (daily rate)
  • After 48 hours, a daily rate of €16.00 per 24 hours is applicable (this rate applies from the first day onwards)
  • €7.50 for a lost ticket


*If you leave the TU/e Campus within half an hour of collecting an entry ticket, you may leave free of charge with this ticket. If you are on campus for more than half an hour, you will have to pay a parking fee. In that case, the first 30 minutes are also included in the amount to be paid.


    1. Payment terminals

There are a total of seven payment terminals spread across the TU/e Campus:

  • At De Zaale on the north side of Atlas (formerly the Main Building)
  • At De Zaale near the parking lane towards the Insulindelaan exit
  • At De Rondom near Fontys ER (Building 20)
  • At the parking lot near the Auditorium
  • At De Lismortel near the bike parking facility of the Paviljoen Building
  • At Kranenveld, south of Fontys ER (payment only possible with debit and credit card!): this payment terminal may only be used by visitors parked south of Fontys ER, Helix, Matrix and Vertigo. This also means that the entry ticket received at the barriers can only be used for leaving from the exit of the same parking lot.

These payment terminals are equipped with an intercom system and camera surveillance. Payment can be made at the payment terminals with coins, notes (€5, €10 and €20 notes), debit and credit card. At the Kranenveld payment terminal, payments are only possible with debit or credit card. The display indicates the steps for making a payment.



External visitors may use Internet via the guest WiFi. All you need to do is accept the general conditions and you are immediately on-line as a guest. Access to the network is provided in 4-hour sessions. After a session expires, you must connect again to continue surfing.





Price range

single room

The Student Hotel (13 min walk)

Stationsweg 1, 5611 AA Eindhoven



Hotel the Match (20 min walk)

Kleine Berg 43, 5611 JS Eindhoven



Hotel Amrath (35 min walk)

Leenderweg 80, 5615 AB Eindhoven



Hotel Crown Inn (15 min walk)

Markt 35, 5611 EC Eindhoven 



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