Welcome to International Travelling Summer School on Terahertz Science and Technology (ITSS-TSaT)            9-14 July 2023


Join and learn more about Terahertz technology, an emerging technology that will be at the core of important solutions to the challenges of climate change monitoring, food security, precise agriculture, detection of fake medicines, 6G wireless communications, and stand-off detection of explosives and hazardous substances. You will listen to and interact with more than 25 world-leading experts in the area of THz science, technology, and applications, from academia and industry. And you will work in a small group on a Terahertz challenge project.

All Interested, Bachelor-, Master-, Ph.D. students, Postdocs, Teachers, End users as well as industrial researchers are invited to participate. The School is also open for investors and start-up creations.


Strategy, goals, and impacts  

To create opportunities for cooperation between students of different universities and backgrounds and at all levels (from BSc. to postdocs), participants are divided into multinational teams of 4-6 persons. Every team is responsible for developing their design project in the field of microwaves and/or photonics/THz. Students have broad access to information including the Internet, university libraries as well as industry data. The final result will be presented in a seminar form at the end of the summer school. A certificate of participation is issued for students to include in their resumes. For certain universities, summer school is part of their optional/elective courses, with grades being given to the final project which is included in the student’s transcripts. ITSS-TSaT is the best place to attract students (good for hiring) to the field (microwave, photonics, optical electronics, THz, and quantum) for the next level of study and research career. The intensive interactions between the students and the lecturers (Professors) make it a remarkable and profitable yearly event every summers. 



This edition will be organized by the Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute (EHCI) in collaboration with PhotonDelta through an extremely exciting program, including for example a scientific visit and a social activity. 

ITSS-TSaT 2023 Management Team: 

Shihab Al-Daffaie
Summer School chair,
Focus Area Leader "Integrated Remote Sensing Systems" in EHCI

Wieteke de Boer
Managing Director,
Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute


This year we got a big support fund for summer school (thanks to Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute and PhotonDelta), so we reduced the attending fees, overnight stay, and other costs. The support is for a limited number of attendees, so register as soon as possible! 

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