Welcome to the first MUDNET conference!

The MUDNET conference is meant as a platform for discussion between stakeholders and scientists interested in the complex properties of fine-grained sediment (mud). This first online conference is open for anyone to register (registration is for free) with a maximum of 100 attendees.

Mud from the port perspective

The first day of the conference (29th of March) will focus on  sediment management and its challenges in European ports.  In the plenary discussion we would like to highlight which open questions need answering to improve handling of fine-grained sediments.

Mud from the research perspective

On the second day of the conference (30th of March), more in-depth discussions will be initiated regarding specific aspects of the complex behaviour of mud in natural systems. These aspects are grouped under different topics - RHEOMUD, BIOMUD, SONIMUD, NAUTIMUD, 4DMUD, FLOCMUD, YES!MUD); a description of each topic can be found at The concluding plenary session will discuss the link between mud research and mud practice.

We warmly invite the attendees (including students!) to stimulate the discussions by giving an overview of their work. We are working to prepare an online platform where it will be possible for each participant to display a couple of slides or posters (in JPEG or PNG format) in a virtual room, where interested parties can gather and have a lively exchange of ideas. Depending on the number of registrations for presentations, we will allocate a specific time for each presenter (to be announced once the registration is complete - i.e. after the 8th of March).


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