About the Student Project Team

One team, one mission: to ensure that the student perspective is taken into account in Maastricht University's actions. 

As part of Maastricht University's Student Service Center, the overall goal is to provide services that truly meet the needs of students. In addition, the Student Project Team is responsible for advising the University's departments on their projects as well as implementing their own projects and events, such as the Student Panels. 

We believe that student feedback is crucial to tailor the University's actions and services effectively. By joining the Student Panels, students will play a vital role in improving and involving in a evolving University. 

About the Student Panels

Student Panels are group sessions in which students are invited to provide feedback on a specific issue related to the functioning and services of Maastricht University. 

Student Panels provide highly valuable inside information about what is happening at Maastricht University. What is going well and what can be improved?  

The main purpose of the Student Panel is to give students the opportunity to get involved in discussions about Maastricht University related issues and to share thoughts on Maastricht University related subjects.

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About the Student Initiative Helpdesk

The Student Initiative Helpdesk provides support for student organisations in Maastricht in several areas. Are you looking for support from University or would you like to start a new initiative? You can find more information here: Student Initiative Helpdesk Website 

The SIH organizes an open office every Tuesday morning at the Student Services Center (room B0.01), from 9h30 to 12h30.


Contact us through: 

Email: sih@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Phone: +31628313550