Executive Course
Transfer Pricing
Business Simulation

This course is built on a business simulation case study that aims to provoke a developmental shift from knowing the law to critical thinking in transfer pricing cases, which is required for success in law and business practice.

A business simulation approach means that the course participants will receive one comprehensive case study that will be dealt with during the whole period of the course – 4,5 days – from every perspective of transfer pricing, for example, financial transactions, business restructurings, allocation of profits from intangibles assets, etc.

International taxation and transfer pricing is a comprehensive field, where actual clients’ and taxpayers’ matters always concern a multitude of interlinked legal issues. The transfer pricing practice dictates the demand for tax experts being able to understand the impact of specific transfer pricing policies on the overall strategic transfer pricing policy of a multinational group and event broader – on all the important tax positions of the enterprise, for example, from a tax treaty or EU law tax perspectives.

In addition, since transfer pricing is not a precise science, where decisions should often be based on assumptions, the business simulation approach aims at discussing the course case from alternative viewpoints on the best solution to develop the thinking skills necessary for making, supervising or reviewing a coherent and complete business decision. For this purpose, a representative from the tax administration and from a multinational enterprise will take part in the business simulation game.


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