Lecture - Job applications in the digital era

  • How do I prepare for my job interview via Skype or phone?
  • How can I make a convincing job application video?
  • How to write my CV, if the company uses recruitment software for the initial selection?
  • Do I need to worry about my digital footprint?


Internet, social media and other technological developments have significantly changed the field of recruitment and the entire job application process. Many things change faster than our awareness of them. Through this interactive lecture, you will learn about new possibilities and risks. You immediately get started with various tips and tools.


At the end of this lecture, you will be able to...

  • recognize some of the latest developments in recruitment & job applications.
  • identify the main steps to produce a compelling short job application video, and to analyze job application videos and their pros and cons. 
  • prepare for a job interview.
  • assess and discuss your digital footprint.


Opinions of other students on the lecture Job applications in the digital era:

•    “Practical aspects you can use in the future.”
•    “That it gave me new information, such as applying through video.”
•    “Interactive and up-to-date. Useful for my generation.”


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