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**Submission deadline: 25 May at 23:00 CET**


On 22 June 2022, the annual CAPHRI Research Day will take place. Every year, a PhD-session is organized by and for CAPHRI PhD candidates. This year's session will focus on increasing the impact of your research and communicating the results and relevance of your studies to society. Therefore, this year's target audience will be a laymen public.

We would like to invite you, as a CAPHRI PhD candidate, to submit a video with a maximum duration of 3 minutes. This video should be suitable for a laymen public and should explain your PhD research project and its relevance for and impact on society.

All videos will be showcased at the CAPHRI Research Day, on the CAPHRI website, in the CAPHRI PhD Post, and via our social media channels (all after consent). Moreover, all PhD candidates will be provided with feedback on their videos. A selection of the best 8 videos will be shown during the PhD-session at the CAPHRI Research Day, where the best video will be awarded.

Let's put your PhD in the spotlight!


Video format and tips 

The format of this video is completely up to you! The video may present your research proposal, work-in-progress, results, conclusions, et cetera. Moreover, there are no restrictions on your video design: pitch-format, interview, graphics, soundtracks, voice-overs, drawings, et cetera. You may even combine forces with other PhD candidates working on a similar topic and submit a video together. The most important thing is that your video explains your PhD research project and should be intended for a laymen public.

All videos should be in English and should have a maximum duration of 3 minutes. More information about the rules can be found here. You can also use this video for inspiration. Moreover, a first tip would be to find a video editor you like (e.g., check out this website). During the Spring Meeting, the best tips and tricks for making your video were shared. The recordings of the presentation can be found in the email you received on 10 May. In need of a summary of the most important tips? Click here

Do you feel like you do not have the time to make and edit a video? You can also make a video of your PowerPoint presentation and use a voice over or screen-record an empty Zoom meeting with your slide as shared screen! And did you know the University Library has also some facilities for making a video? More info can be found on this website.



All videos will be assessed and provided with feedback based on the criteria: content, comprehensiveness and engagement. The selection will be done by your fellow PhDs from the CAPHRI PhD Panel and CAPHRI postdocs/assistant professors. During the CAPHRI Research Day, all videos will also be showcased. A selection of 8 videos (at least one per research line) will be given a special place in the spotlight as these will be shown during the PhD-session. In this session, CAPHRI researchers can also ask the PhD students questions about their video and research. If your video is selected, your (online) presence at the CAPHRI Day is requested. At this day, the maker of the best video will receive a price. 


The importance of translating your research to a laymen public?

It is well-known that communication of research results amongst scientists is valuable. For example, through research articles, presentations, or posters at conventions. Equally important is science communication towards society and the general public. Science communication to a laymen audience warrants simplification of scientific data, without oversimplifying the information. This forces scientists to identify the key message and filter out details. This assignment offers you a safe and inspiring environment to show your video and to obtain tips and feedback from experienced researchers. This is a valuable learning experience that might also aid you with the impact paragraph of your dissertation.


Important deadlines

• Submission deadline: 25 May at 23:00 CET 2022
• Feedback: On 9 June 2022 you will receive feedback on your video and will be notified whether your video is selected for the CAPHRI Research Day.
• CAPHRI Research Day: 22 June 2022 at Château St. Gerlach (Valkenburg)


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If you have any questions, please send an email to the CAPHRI PhD representatives Monique van den Hoed, Frederike Mulder, Lieve Vonken and Ken Peeters: