Rules, selection procedure and judging criteria



• Your video should have a maximum duration of 3 minutes. Competitors exceeding 3 minutes are disqualified.
• Upload your video as "Video_FirstName_Surname"
• Your video should be in English.
• Your video should be suitable and understandable for a laymen public
• Your video should be in a horizontal format
Your video may be edited to include digital features such as a soundtrack, additional voiceovers, graphics, stylized filters or captions, but you may also choose a pitch-format: it's all up to you! Additional props are permitted.
•Make sure that you comply with copyright rules and obtain permission (e.g., of people in your videos) where necessary. For more information see for example and
• Candidates must be available to show their video live/online during the CAPHRI Research Day on 22 June 2022.
• By submitting your video, you give CAPHRI permission to share your video with the jury and at the CAPHRI Research Day.
• The decision of the adjudicating panel is final.


Judging criteria and procedure

1) Pre-selection

All submitted videos will be assessed and provided with feedback based on the criteria: content, comprehensiveness and engagement. In the pre-selection round, all submitted videos are rated by 3 persons: 2 PhD panel members and 1 CAPHRI postdoc/(assistant) professor. The 8 best videos (at least one video per Research Line) are selected.

Content: Is the content scientifically sound?
• Is the content scientifically sound (e.g., methodology, explanation of constructs)?
• Are the results and conclusions put into perspective, not under- or overstating the significance of the results?
• Does the research add to CAPHRI, “A healthy society for everyone”?

Comprehensiveness: Did the video sufficiently explain the research to the audience?
• Was the structure clear? (E.g., containing information on a. the background information; b. the relevance of the research; c. the results and/or conclusions?)
• Did the video avoid scientific jargon and was terminology explained?
• Was the message targeted to the audience (e.g., based on age, language, country, likely interests, pre-existing knowledge, or expected feelings about the message)?

Engagement: Did the video make the audience want to know more about the research?
• Did the video convey enthusiasm for the research?
• Did the video capture and maintain the audience's attention (e.g., because it started strong, because it is simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, makes use of ‘pathos’, makes use of stories)?
• Did the sound and the visuals enhance the story - was it clear, legible/audible, and concise?


2) CAPHRI Research Day

All submitted videos will be showcased at the CAPHRI Research Day.


3) CAPHRI Research Day: PhD Video Session

The 8 selected best videos will be shown during the PhD Video Session at the CAPHRI Research Day. Each video in the PhD-session is followed by questions from the public. The maker of the video with the best content, comprehensiveness and engagement will receive a price.