TU Delft Exchange Week

Enhancing Continuous Learning: Communities in Learning

Date 11-12-13 September 2024 
Time +/- 09:00-18:00
Location TU Delft Teaching Lab (Directions)

On 11-12-13 September 2024, TU Delft hosts the TU Delft Exchange Week for Higher Education Institutions. During this event we will focus on exploring innovations in education.
We look forward to exchanging experiences on Enhancing Continuous Education: Communities in Learning. 

For up to date information on the programme, please visit the Exchange Week event page on the Teaching Academy website at www.tudelft.nl/teachingacademy/exchangeweek

If you have topic suggestions or ideas on how to contribute to this event, please email us at Teachingacademy@tudelft.nl


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