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Enhancing Continuous Learning: Communities in Learning

TU Delft Exchange Week

On 11-12-13 September 2024, TU Delft hosts the TU Delft Exchange Week for Higher Education Institutions. During this event we will focus on exploring innovations in education.
We look forward to exchanging experiences on Enhancing Continuous Education: Communities in Learning. 


For up to date information on the programme, please visit 

Participation fee

To be able to organize this event, we request a participation fee of 150 EUR per participant.

Additionally, you are welcome to join us (optionally) for a group dinner in Delft city center on Thursday 12 September. The additional fee for this dinner is 30 EUR. Please specify your interest in the dinner at the bottom of this form.

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Continuous learning, Lifelong learning and Continuous Professional Development are high on the agenda for TU Delft and will be discussed as a central theme at the upcoming TU Delft Exchange Week.


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Unable to attend?

Please be aware that the Exchange Week has a limited amount of available spots. 
If you are no longer able to join the event, please deregister before 28 August  - so your spot becomes available for some else. 


Ticket selection required, however there are no tickets available. Please contact the organiser.