Conference4me app

Please download the conference4me app to be able to give your opinion or vote for the best lecture, best poster and best application showcase. The app will keep you informed about lecures, exhibition space, floorplans, etc. Type “conference4me” in Play Store/iTunes App Store/ Windows Phone Store or scan the QR code at the information desk or announcement board in the central hall.


After downloading the app, a list of conferences will appear. Choose [BioSB 2015 Conference] and the app will download the event information. Click [Next] and [Done] and you are set to go.

The opinion and votes of our audience counts

Next to the expertise of the award committees, the opinion of the audience is of high value to us. We are therefore pleased to offer the audience the possibility to vote during parallell sessions and during the poster and demo session through the conference app. The votes of the audience will be included in the overall decision of the award committees.

You can give your overall vote and opinion/comment per parallel session but you can also rate every seperate lecture. The lecture-rates will be taken into account for the awards. Overall rates, comments and remarks are of course also highly appreciated and are used to improve our overall conference.

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