Session D: Genotype/Phenotype and disease

Chair: Ko Willems van Dijk, LUMC

Tuesday April 19, 11:00 - 12:30 - room Amerika


  • Sarah Stolle, UMC Groningen (11:00 - 11:22) 
    Running wheel activity delays mitochondrial functional decline in ageing muscle via a post-transcriptional mechanism
  • Robin van der Lee, Radboudumc, CMBI (11:22 - 11:44) 
    Genome-scale detection of positive selection in 9 primates predicts human-virus evolutionary conflicts
  • Joep de Ligt, UMC Utrecht (11:44 - 12:06)
    An omics-wide assessment of a cancer drug resistance pathway
  • Ko Willems van Dijk, LUMC (12:06 - 12:30) (Chair, PI talk)
    Physiology and genetics of branched chain amino acid metabolism


Abstracts: Abstracts session D.pdf




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