BioSB PhD retreat 2016

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YoungCB (ISCB Regional Student Group Netherlands) is pleased to invite you to the BioSB PhD retreat 2016 in the afternoon 18 April. The retreat will be held in Lunteren at the Congrescentrum De Werelt, preceding the BioSB conference. The retreat is sponsored by the BioSB research school. We encourage all (PhD-) students and young researchers in the fields of computational biology, bioinformatics, systems biology and related fields to attend this annual retreat to discuss your research and build a network with fellow young peers in the Netherlands. The retreat provides you with the opportunity to present your research to fellow students and young professionals. This informal and casual session will consist of a series of selected 5 minutes flash presentations, including questions. Keynotes will be given by Fiona Nielsen, founder and CEO of Repositive and Jonathan Karr, Fellow at the Institute for Genomics & Multiscale Biology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, where they will give an insight into their careers. A workshop will be given by Fiona Nielsen. For this workshop you are advised to bring your laptop in order to try out the hands-on exercises. In the evening there will be a dinner in the centre of Lunteren, followed by a fun social event at the conference centre bar. The evening program provides you the opportunity to network with fellow (PhD-) students and young researchers.

You are advised to bring your laptop in order to try out the hands-on workshop exercises!

Program overview

13:00-13:15    Registration
13:15-13:30    Welcome and introduction
13:30-14:00    First keynote speaker: Fiona Nielsen, Repositive
                        “Why I left my job in genomics R&D – from bioinformatics scientist to entrepreneur”
14:00-14:10    Magali Michaut,
                        "Rock Your Science: The Importance of Soft-Skills"

14:10-14:30    Elisa Cirillo
                        “From SNPs to pathways: enhancing the biological interpretation of GWAS results”
                        Zandra Félix-Garza
                       “Characterization of the skin’s response to blue light exposure using a system
                        biology approach”

                        Sander Tan
                       “Identification of the cis-regulatory elements in the primate brain epigenome”
                        Thies Gehrmann
                       “Homokaryon specific expression in the white button mushroom agaricus bisporus”
14:30-14:45    Coffee break
14:45-16:45    Workshop by Fiona Nielsen
                        “Genome sequencing projects around the world and how to find data for your research”
16:45-17:00    Coffee break
17:00-18:00    Second keynote speaker: Jonathan Karr
                       “My journey to whole-cell modeling”
18:00-19:00    Break + walk to Lunteren center
19:00-20:30    Dinner in Lunteren center
21:00-            Social activity


Submit your Abstract

Interested in giving a flash presentation? Submit your abstract to before April 14 2016.


Sign up for the RSG retreat via the BioSB conference registration page

Fee: 45 Euro (including day participation and evening programme)

NB: You can also book a hotel room via the registration form. If you also register for the conference, please note that if you book a 'private room' for the PhD retreat but a 'shared room' for the conference, you may have to move to another room at the first day of the conference or will have to share the room the night after the PhD retreat. 

Retreat coordinator: Saman Amini (


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