Dear all,

Looking back on Trilations' adventure over the past twenty years, it has been an amazing experience to watch it grow. It all started in a small basement, with only a small number of smart and hard-working people. It was a time when we had a team big enough to count on one hand. And look at us now… 

We have grown into a full-fledged company, expanded internationally, and settled in a beautiful office. One that is not even remotely comparable to Johan’s basement. Right now, we have reached 100 colleagues, and we are still counting!  Of course, this is not something that we achieved alone. We are so happy to see ambitious people with the right energy walking through our door. People who are carrying Trilations’ vision, and who are making all of this possible every single day. In other words, we never could have done this without you.

With this trip, we want to show our profound appreciation for all this hard work. We want to sincerely thank you all. But not only you, also the extraordinary people who stand behind you. With their incredible support and care.

That’s why we want to say: let’s all go to Lapland together and have some well-deserved fun!


Johan and Luc