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Caring Universites online programmes 

Boost your mood and lower your stress levels by using MoodPep and Rel@x

If your mental wellbeing could use a boost, you can sign up for (one of the) online programmes, free and anonymously. There are four online programmes available for you, including guidance of an online coach. Caring Universities has developed online programmes for improving mood, reducing stress, tackling procrastination and dealing with corona-related issues. The programmes are available in English and in Dutch. 
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Online wellbeing modules

Working on becoming your best and healthiest self from home

Mondriaan Prevention by Joyce van Erp | Location: @ease

Do you have a parent with a mental illness and/or addiction? Do you struggle with how to deal with this? Do you feel responsible for what might be happening at home while being away or feel guilty for not being there? Do you ever wonder what is really going on with your parent(s) and how that might affect your future?
In this course, you come together with students who can relate, understand and support you. An experienced prevention worker will guide you through the sessions and will try to answer all of your questions. You will get tips on how to deal with the situation at home and how to cope with the things that bother you.
The English course is offered in cooperation with Mondriaan Prevention. It consists of approximately 6 weekly meetings and starts on a regular basis. Participation is free.
To register, contact Joyce van Erp: j.van.erp@mondriaan.eu. An intake meeting will be set up before the start of the course.
For the Dutch course you can register here.

Plant Asylum Maastricht | Plantenasiel Maastricht

Donate & adopt a plant

Want to add more green to your room or student house? Drop by the 'Plantenasiel' to buy a new plant for 1 or 2 euro, or exchange your dead plant for a fresh one!
Open on Wednesdays between 13:00 - 15:00 and Saturdays between 10:00 -15:00.

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