Support staff workshop

15:00- 16:00 CEST


Dear support staff members, of course you are welcome to join one of the Research Line sessions; next to that you can also opt for the extra workshop (15:00-16:00CET): 

Diversity on the workfloor (max. 40 participants)

Diverse groups perform better. Diverse groups are better at problem-solving. Diverse groups can think out of the box. Research has shown that all this is true.

That being said, diversity is also work. It is not only work to attain a diverse group. It is essential to mobilize differences in order to capitalize from the diversity in knowledge, experiences and viewpoints. And that means learning to work together not despite differences in gender, ethnicity, ability, religion, sexuality, personality, etc. but because of these differences. And that means having uncomfortable conversations, making yourself vulnerable and becoming aware of one’s own implicit biases.

In this workshop, you will learn about the benefits of working in a diverse team and about the necessity of inclusivity to harvest the full potential of a diverse group.

Workshop leader
Ophélie Hue is Junior Policy Advisor of the Diversity & Inclusivity Office at Maastricht University.