PhD video session

Your PhD in the spotlight!

13:50- 14:50 CEST

All CAPHRI PhD candidates are invited to make a maximum 3-minute video in which they present their PhD research for the general public in a creative way.

The format of this video is completely free. The video may present a research proposal, work-in-progress, results, conclusions, et cetera. Moreover, there are no restrictions on video design: pitch-format, interview, graphics, soundtracks, voice-overs, drawings, et cetera. PhD candidates may even combine forces with other PhD candidates working on a similar topic and submit a video together.

All video's will be showcased during the Research Day. A selection of 8 video's (at least one per research line) will be given a special place in the spotlight as these will be shown during the PhD Video Session. The best video will be awarded.

We hope that many PhD candidates will spread their enthusiasm for their research and inspire us!

**It is not possible anymore to submit a video (deadline has passed)**