BIUP Industry meeting

Commercial applications of deep learning


May 16, 13:30 - 14:30, Room Europa

Organizers: Antoine Janssen (Keygene), Emiel Ver Loren van Themaat (DSM), Walter Pirovano (Baseclear)

Target group: company representatives & researchers

On May 16 the Bioinformatics Industrial User Platform organises an inspiring industry session at the BioSB 2018.

This year's topic will be 'Commercial applications of deep learning'.

We invited two speakers on the topic. 

Robert Musters - Anchormen

Image Classification using Deep Learning

In this talk Chris will explain how to use deep learning models to predict Blood Cell subtypes from images. This talk will include an introduction about Deep learning and a practical demo including data preparation, data augmentation, training the model and evaluation.

Niek Bouman – Keygene

Industrial applications of deep learning in crop and trait development

Deep learning is impacting a wide variety of fields such as vision, robotics, finance, linguistics, and many more. Enabled by the availability of large data sets and increased computing power, deep learning methods have recently also shown their potential in biological applications. In this talk, we will discuss how KeyGene utilizes deep learning methods in research and for crop and trait development purposes. In particular, we focus on applications for analyzing digital phenotyping data and genomic data. The first involves the challenge to automatically detect and classify various life cycle stages of an insect pest from images of plant leafs. The second involves a genomics example in which we employed deep learning to find transcription factor binding sites in DNA sequences. In both examples we obtained improved prediction performance over classical approaches. We conclude with an outlook of the growing impact of deep learning applications in our domain.

About BIUP

The BioInformatics Industrial User Platform (BIUP) is a group of Dutch companies that use bioinformatics expertise and tools in research and product development. It aims at being an open platform for knowledge exchange and informal discussions.

BIUP members have a common interest in:

  • informal discussions between industrial parties that use bioinformatics tools for research and product development
  • an infrastructure for joined bioinformatics research (e.g. safe data repository)
  • stimulating relevant bioinformatics research
  • shaping the competences of the bioinformaticians of the future



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