SPARQLing Biology; a beginners course

Organizers: Denise Slenter, Marvin Martens, Egon Willighagen, Maastricht University

More biological databases are being offered in the so called Resource Description Framework (RDF) format, which is a flexible way of sharing data in a machine readable manner. SPARQL is a (semantic) query language for these databases, allowing to find information within the RDF data.


Practical FAIR research data management

Organizers: Douwe Molenaar and Brett Olivier, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

What does FAIR Research Data Management practically entail for a wet-lab scientist? Answers to this question are urgently needed. At the laboratories of the Amsterdam Institute for Medicines, Molecules and Systems (AIMMS) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam we have set up tools and defined best practices for management of data from the wet lab. We have reviewed several tools, chosen one, and set up a pilot with real users and real data. Although the results were satisfying and the tools do what they promised to do, we identified several aspects that need improvement. We want to share our experiences with others and discuss what is needed to facilitate data management in the wet lab in the near future.


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