Fill out this registration form to register for the BioSB 2020 conference and the BioSB PhD retreat. You can also book and pay for a hotel room via this form.


More information about registration fees can be found here

Room sharing

If you would like to share your hotel room with someone you know, please inform us by filling out the name and e-mail address of this person (please note that we will do our utmost to arrange that you can share the room with the person you indicated, nonetheless we cannot guarantee):

Additional information / comments

Additional information or questions, e.g. dietary restrictions (vegetarian, etc.):

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Registration fees

All registration fees mentioned include 21% VAT

There are 5 different ticket groups:

  1. Industry (people working in industry/for-profit organisations)
  2. Academic (researchers working in non-profit organisations)
  3. PhD Student
  4. Student (master or bachelor student)
  5. BioSB PhD retreat only (choose this ticket group if you are only interested in participating in the retreat on October 26 and not in the rest of the conference. When combining with the conference, please use one of the other ticket groups!)


Only tickets for online participation are now available. Choose your ticket group according to the categories mentioned above. 

€ 150.00
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Total: € 150.00

Including € 26.04 VAT

BioSB membership

Your registration includes BioSB membership. If you are not interested in the membership, please indicate below. The registration fee remains unaffected by opting out for the complementary BioSB membership for 2020.

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 participant registration