De Rotterdam Tours

exclusive tours in Markthal, De Rotterdam and the Timmerhuis,
on Katendrecht and criss-cross the city 

Visit the Icons with De Rotterdam Tours

Hear, see, feel and taste all of MVRDV’s Markthal and Koolhaas’ De Rotterdam and the Timmerhuis! Enjoy Rotterdams icons on a complete and intriguing tour. Get to know all the insights, explore the buildings from toe to top and let our guide surprise you with curious facts! De Rotterdam Tours is partner of Markthal, De Rotterdam and the Timmerhuis. 

Would you like to see more of Rotterdam? More architecture, more urban development ? Or more history, more places-to-be? We can device a tailor made excursion, and even arrange local experts (architect, Municipality, etc) to join. Or let us help you booking nice extra's as water taxi or velo taxi.

We promise you the best! 


We are excited you are visiting Rotterdam!
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