Prospector app

Scanning leads during your event

Exhibitors can scan participants with the prospector app to obtain their contact information. These leads are easy to follow up after the event.

Useful information for your exhibitors

Exhibitors give color to your event. Their presence is an important factor of the success of your event. Participants will walk past different stands and will talk to exhibitors about the solutions they are searching for. It is very important for exhibitors to be able to follow up the leads at your event. This is where they get added value. Exhibitors can follow up their leads easily with prospector after the event. From prospects to customers!

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In combination with Event Check-in

Prospector is part of Event Check-in developed by aanmelder.nl. Participants will be checked-in at the entrance and will get their personalised badge printed on-site. This badge will contain the QR-code which the exhibitor can use to scan the participant. 

No business cards needed

When you’ve been at a convention before, you’ve seen the stacks of business cards or contactlists. Scanning leads is an easy way to obtain contact information of your conversation partner. The exhibitor can make notes of the conversation quick and easy. He will get to see the notes in an export at the end of the event. Useful data. No hassle.


With permission of participants

We prioritize data privacy of the participants at aanmelder.nl. That is why it is important that you, as an organiser, will have to ask permission of the participants to share their contact information with the exhibitors who will scan their badge. You can easily put this question in the registration form of the event.

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