Event Check-in

Welcome Your Visitors Professionally and Warmly

It's Showtime! Today is the opening day, and you've left nothing to chance. This is going to be a top-notch event no matter what. And it all starts with the welcome: you know exactly who is coming.

Through Event Check-in, you not only have the participants' information at your fingertips but also know precisely which sessions they will be attending. This gives you an immediate idea of the turnout for the various sessions and provides you with effective marketing data for future events. In a nutshell: everything you need to welcome your guests and build lasting connections.

Event Check-In

Over 70,000 events transformed into success stories

A smooth Check-in

The key to a successful event lies in the preparations before the big day. Event Check-in ensures a smooth and hassle-free check-in process, from planning to execution. Design custom nametags or name badges that align with the event's theme, and provide guests with QR codes upon registration. All to ensure a streamlined check-in experience for all attendees.

Easy and efficient

Anticipating a large turnout? Even then, your guests won't have to push or wait at the entrance. Our tablets allow the welcome team to scan the QR code, instantly printing out the badge. No badge is prepared for absent guests, reducing wastage. Participants are checked in promptly. If desired, an engineer from our team will be present throughout the day, ensuring everything runs smoothly. 

Collect valuable data

By now, you've gathered a wealth of valuable information about your guests. This data remains useful post-event. You'll know exactly who attended and who didn't, enabling you to tailor follow-up actions accordingly. You'll also have insights into which sessions participants attended, revealing their interests. Enabling you to refine your strategies and deliver an even better event next time.

A professional first impression on-site


Secure tickets

Secure access using a unique QR Code


Badge printing

The badge rolls directly out of the printer



Personalized and custom made badges


Late arrivals

Immediate registration and check-in



Get VIP Guest arrival alerts via SMS


Participant list

Real-time insight into the participant list

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What our customers say

"Another positive thing is the scan and badge system provided by aanmelder.nl which is truly commendable. The ability to generate on-the-spot badges without the need for pre-printing is a significant advantage. This feature streamlines the check-in process, reducing the logistical hassle associated with traditional badge printing and ensuring a smooth and efficient on-site experience for both organizers and participants."

"Great support during our event. The platform of aanmelder.nl has been truly indispensable in the planning, preparation, and ultimately the registration of the participants itself. Thanks to aanmelder.nl, the organization of our conference ran smoothly!"

"What I like is that it is so easy to make different groups in your event attendee list, so you can communicate with several groups on different subjects. Really easy to make QR-codes, to scan them and badge each individual at your event."

"Having the badges taken care of through aanmelder.nl was a superb experience. If you can include this in your budget, I recommend it to everyone."

Discover the ease of leasing our Event Check-In equipment

Do you organize events regularly and want to be always ready for the next one? Then choose our leasing option!

As a leasing customer, you'll enjoy the benefits of having our Event Check-In equipment in-house. In addition, you can also use our Badge Builder, which allows you to create customized badges yourself. Simplify your event organization and contact us today for more information.

Event Check-In Equipment Lease

Choose from 3 Unique Personalized Badges

Small Badge

badge-1 Small Badge

  • 85 x 54 mm
  • Compact size
  • High orint speed
Grote Badge

Grote Badge Large Badge

  • 106 x 85 mm
  • Single-sided
  • Add workshops and icons
Butterfly badge

Butterfly badge Butterfly badge

  • 96 x 82 mm
  • Borderless printing
  • Double-sided, folded sticker

Prospector app

Exhibitors can scan participants with the prospector app to obtain their contact information. These leads are easy to follow up after the event. Gather valuable content for exhibitors and make it that much easier for participants to network.

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