Event Check-in

A professional, smooth and warm welcome for all participants

Showtime! The day you’ve been working towards to as an event organizer has arrived. The applications are in and you expect a good turnout. The entry into your event is the first impression of your event on-site. You cannot underestimate that. With the Check-in of aanmelder.nl you are assured of a smooth check-in process. Scan the ticket and the personalized badge will directly come out of the printer.

Event Check-In

Professional and smooth

With Event Check-in, you ensure a customer-friendly,  and smooth first impression during the event. Scan the participant’s personal QR code and the personalized badge will be printed instantly.

No queues

Scan the personal QR code with the tablet and the participant is checked in immediately. This prevents queues and ensures a quick walk-through. In addition, you’ll have real-time insight into the number of participants at the event.


Our engineers will deliver the printers and scanners to the event location, set-up the printers and help you install the scanners. No Wi-Fi is required to install the scanners. An ease of check-in which does not require your attention!

A professional first impression on-site


Secure tickets

Secure access using a unique QR Code



Receive notifications upon arrival of VIP Guests.


Participant list

Real-time insight into the participant list

Ontvang notificaties


Late arrivals

Immediate registration and check-in


Badge printing

The badge will immediately come out of the printer


Prospector App

Allow participants to make new connections



Go contactless - no physical contact involved



Personalized and custom made badges


Prospector app

Exhibitors can scan participants with the prospector app to obtain their contact information. These leads are easy to follow up after the event. Gather valuable content for exhibitors and make it that much easier for participants to network.

Over 70,000 events successfully brought to life

High Quality - Customer Logos

Choose from 3 Unique Personalized Badges

Small Badge

badge-1 Small Badge

  • 85 x 54 mm
  • Compact size
  • High orint speed
Grote Badge

Grote Badge Large Badge

  • 106 x 85 mm
  • Single-sided
  • Add workshops and icons
Butterfly badge

Butterfly badge Butterfly badge

  • 96 x 82 mm
  • Borderless printing
  • Double-sided, folded sticker

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Event Check in

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