Online Event Platform

A platform for business events

Online Event Platform

A platform for business events 

Open up your event to participants across the world.

If you’re organising an online or hybrid event, a reliable, professional and easy-to-use digital event platform is key. It will help you create a memorable and inspirational experience for all. – a good virtual event platform helps connect participants with each other, enabling them to share knowledge and insights.’s online platform does just that. Use it for small get-togethers or for large-scale conferences, for seminars, conventions, workshops, career fairs, congresses and webinars – the platform will make all types of events easily accessible for participants from across the world.

Online and hybrid events are here to stay. In the words of one of our clients:

“We believe in the future of digital events and we will continue to integrate them into our strategy.
The possibility
to host an event anywhere in the world is very nice.”

Benefits of our all-in-one virtual event platform include:

  • Our ISO 27001 certification means your data and that of your participants is secure
  • The platform is available on mobile and desktop computers – participants can choose what suits them best
  • Organisers can easily and quickly customise the platform with their own branding
  • We recognise the importance of flexibility for event organisers and have made it easy to incorporate last-minute changes, for example making updates to the schedule or adding brand-new polls

If you organise business events and would like to know more about what our platform offers, just get in touch! And find even more information below.

A digital event platform that’s tailored to your requirements

Host your event with the support of our software. Discover the features and benefits:

Eventplatform responsive

Fully responsive

Join in via desktop computer or mobile

Profiel en netwerken Event Platform

Personal profile

Participants can create their own profile and network with other participants

Programma Event Platform

Digital programme

Participants can view the schedule and click through to different sessions.

Eigen huisstijl bedrijf Event Platform

Use own branding

The platform can be customised using your organisation’s own style and branding

Centralised reception

Featuring a personal welcome and check-in, plus a reception in the virtual lobby

Sponsoring Event Platform


Ensure visibility for sponsors

Parallel sessies Event Platform

Parallel sessions

Host several sessions simultaneously

Onbeperkt delen Event Platform

Unlimited content-sharing

From images and PDFs to presentations and Excel files

Rapportage data Event Platform


Receive quantitative data after the event

Live chat Event Platform

Live chats

Offering one-on-one chats as well as group chats

Live video Event Platform

Live video

Inspire and activate

Live polling Event Management

Live polling

Promote engagement with spontaneous polls and Q&A sessions

Eigen omgeving Event Platform

Separate environment

Presenters have their own virtual environment

Spreker Event Platform

Be the director

With speaker’s rights and a broadcast button, which directs participants to the next session

Wijzigingen Event Platform

Stay flexible

Create last-minute programme changes or add new polls

Deelnemersregistratie Event Management

Event Management

From registration forms and invoicing to email segmentation and a dedicated event website

Event streaming

Event Streaming

Set up a professional livestream with ease and link it to the virtual event platform.

Live stream Event Platform


Integrate a stream from other platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo

More than 75% of our customers want to use our product again’s digital platform stands out through its user-friendliness for organisers, participants and other involved parties alike. We regularly ask our customers for feedback, and a large majority has said to want to use our software again for future events.



The security of your organisation’s data and the data of the participants of your event is a major priority for us.’s software complies with current GDPR legislation and we are proud to say that we are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.


We are a trustworthy, reliable partner before, during and after your event – from the registration of participants to interacting on the virtual platform, you can be assured that your event data and your participants’ personal data will be treated with the utmost care.

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“The event consultant was always at hand to offer her support. She also gives advice on the best ways to approach specific issues. Certainly recommended!”

Event Consultants


All unfamiliar systems or tools can initially appear somewhat complex or even confusing. To get our customers started with confidence, our event consultants offer a personal intake session. This initial conversation includes a general introduction to using the platform and how to customise it with your own branding and corporate identity. This will prepare you for the next steps of setting up your event with ease.

If required, our consultants can also be called upon for:

  • trainings for the presenters
  • technical support for visitors at the event itself
  • a retrospective evaluation, including advice for future events

Our virtual event platform is very user-friendly, and calling on the services of our consultants is not mandatory or necessary. However, they can offer additional support, for example during the event itself.

Why hold an online or hybrid event?

The events industry moves fast, and new developments happen all the time. What the best format is for your event depends on many factors, such as your target audience and your aims for the event. In recent years, more and more event organisers have discovered the advantages of hosting events that are partly or completely virtual.

Virtual events

Many of us have a busy schedule these days. Virtual events are accessible even to those who find themselves unable to travel at the time of the event or who can’t attend in person for any other reason. This is particularly handy if you want to increase your overall reach or want to appeal to international visitors.

Hybride evenementen

Hybrid events, where some of the participants attend in person and others follow the programme online, combine the best of both worlds. However, these events also require additional thought and planning. 

Of course, these developments also mean that new aspects have to be considered when organising an event. When holding an in-person event, the location is of paramount importance. But in a way, the same applies to virtual events: a professional, appealing online environment is key. Organising a virtual business event is not the same as holding a quick call on a video conference platform such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 

The virtual event platform by offers various features that are optimally suited to business events. The tool is customisable, so it can be seamlessly linked up to your organisation’s house style. It offers many features that encourage interaction, making it easy to engage a remote audience and keep them interested.

Would you like to hear more about our software solutions?

Trends, ontwikkelingen en nieuwtjes

Looking to take your event to the next level?

Whether you have a question or need a customized quotation or demo, our experts are here to assist you every step of the way. Get in touch with our team today and let us help you create a seamless and personalized event experience.