Event Communication

Personal and effective communication for your event

Make a strong first impression with personal and professional communication, such as invitations, reminders and text messages. The invitation to your event will give a first impression and is therefore an important part of the marketing & communication of your event. With aanmelder.nl you can create and send invitations to your attendees in just a couple of steps – all in your own corporate identity.

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Event communication contributes to a large extent to the experience of the participant and the overall picture of your event. Targeted communication flows say a lot about the customer-friendliness and professionalism of the organization.

But you can achieve much more with communication. You can promote special parts of the event or sponsors, ensure a strong follow-up after the event and inform the participant during the event. By making the communication more personal, you increase the effectiveness of the message. Recipients are more likely to open and read an e-mail, text message or letter if they are addressed by name. As an organizer you can automate part of the communication by setting up different communication flows in advance. This is less prone to errors and will save you a lot of time.

With the software of aanmelder.nl you can arrange all communication for your event in one system. Just like all other features, you are in control of all the communication options: create a professional invitation, reminder, confirmation or e-mail in a few steps. You send these messages to all participants or a specific group of participants.


Set up different workflows in advance for the communication to participants. Such as confirmation message, reminders, text messages and follow-up of leads. All participant communication is arranged!

Personal communication

Personalize all your communication with tokens that you can use in the mail. But also make your communication personal by setting up different participant groups and customised communication flows.

Your own corporate identity

All communication is sent from your own name and corporate identity so the participant will recognize it immediately. You can set up your own corporate identity by using the styling options.

Invitations, SMS, reminders and more


Plan messages

Plan all communication and send it to participants at the right time.



Add attachments to the email to share additional information.


Set a sender name

Send emails with your own email address as the sender or create a new one.


Responsive mailings

Fully responsive on the most used email clients and mobile devices.


Select a tone

You can choose different options: from formal, informal or gender neutral.


E-mail styling

Add texts, images and buttons, completely in your own corporate identity.



With automatic name substitutions, participants are addressed personally.


Automatic reminder

You can create a reminder for all invitees with just two simple clicks.


Message Delivery

Emai authentication can reduce the risk that your messages will end up in SPAM.



aanmelder.nl supports the email authentication methods: SPF, DKIM and DMARC.



After the registration, send automatic confirmation message to the participants.


Save the date

Send a save-the-date message to attendees in advance of the event.

ISO certified

In order to protect your data and that of your participants, aanmelder.nl is ISO 27001 certified for information security and ISO 9001 certified for quality management. This is part of our effort to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.

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