Managing registrations

Manage your contacts and participants securely in one software system

Managing registrations

Manage your contacts and participants securely in one software system

Managing registrations is an important part of any event. Not only for you as an organizer but also for the participant. Well-organized registration management not only strengthens communication and administration, but also check-in during your event.

In you can manage everything related to registration, communication and administration of the event. From the moment a registration is made, the communication starts. With automatic features in the software you will prevent errors. You will be assured that the participants will receive the service they deserve and that the administration runs smoothly.

Managing contacts

Manage all contacts with useful features such as de-duplicating addresses in your contact list, creating target groups and importing and exporting invitees. You can view all this in a clear real-time dashboard.

Professional communication

You can send all communication about the event to all participants or selected groups by using Invitations, reminders, confirmations and of course the survey afterwards.


Use the API and connect with the CRM system of your organization. The API ensures that the 2 systems can exchange data with each other, so that you only have to manage your contacts in one system.

Know, search and filter your participants

Participant overview

Always an up-to-date overview of the status of the event.

Download a list of participants

Create an export of all data, or just a specific part.

Search and filter functions

Easily filter and search for participants.


When your event has reached the maximum number of participants.

Copying contacs

Build a long-term relationship with the target group.

Managing target groups

Create different target groups.

Uploading list of contacts

Use our template and add labels to create target groups.

Register manually

Create different target groups for custom communication.

ISO certified

In order to protect your data and that of your participants, is ISO 27001 certified for information security and ISO 9001 certified for quality management. This is part of our effort to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.


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Our software is so user-friendly that you can get started right away. But we also understand that you may have questions or need some advice. Our support team is happy to help you with any question you have.

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