5 tips for presenting at an online event

19 mei 2020

You may have noticed that hosting an online lecture or session is quite different from a physical one, like you used to. With an online event, the setting is different. In this article we give you 5 tips to stimulate interaction and create a full event experience while your attendees join the event from their own home.

At home, people will find all sorts of distractions. Whether kids are playing, the laundry is done or a text comes in. It’s no secret that people are having trouble to focus on an online lecture. To keep the focus of your attendees, it’s important that the lectures are energetic and interactive. But how? We give you some tips to make sure that your presentation is one people can’t get distracted from.

1. Start and end on time

Nobody likes to wait for the session to start. Make sure you start at the scheduled time, so there are no awkward silences at the start.
If people do show up late, offer them a recording after the session. Show respect to your attendees and finish on time as well, so they can keep up with the program. Explain to your attendees when and where they can ask their questions: for instance by chat during the session or 'live' in a group chat after the session.


2. Talk with your attendees

The great part of online events is that it allows attendees to communicate with the speaker and each other during the presentation through a chat, so the presentation isn't interrupted. You should encourage your attendees to do this from the beginning. Watching the online activity will give you a sense of how engaged your listeners are and allow you to adjust your presentation along the way, if needed.

3. It’s allowed to have fun

Just because the presentation has a lot of factual information does not mean it has to be dry and dull. You can add flair without making your presentation unprofessional. Use stories and humor to make it fun. Not only are your attendees more likely to listen closely, they will remember more of your presentation.

4. Make it a visual

Words are good but graphics are great. Find a few pictures that are worth a 1,000 words. Taking screen shots can be really useful when referencing online material. If you are planning to use a video, just make sure it's short and to the point. Share the URL of the video when it is too long to show it fully during the presentation.

5. Your background is also important

Don’t forget your background and make sure this is just as representative as your presentation. Use a banner with logo for the best impression. If this is not an option, then use a natural background. Make sure any distraction in the background are minimised.

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