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Organizing Events Worldwide with the New Stripe Integration

At, we’re here to help you take your event worldwide. Whether you’re hosting a conference in England or a workshop weekend in Canada, ensuring smooth payments for you and your participants is key. That’s why we’re making this process even easier at with the introduction of the new integrated payment system, Stripe.

Seamless Convenience
With this integrated payment system, you now have the ability to accept payments in over 50 foreign currencies, allowing you to organize events worldwide without the hassle of exchange rates or complex transactions. We handle all of this for you, opening doors to limitless possibilities, so you can host events with participants from every corner of the globe.

No VAT Hassles
When setting up your payments in, simply indicate the country whose VAT you wish to use, and we’ll ensure the correct percentages are available to you. This means you can effortlessly comply with local laws and regulations, saving you time and avoiding legal headaches. This way, you can focus on creating an unforgettable experience for your participants.

Everything in one place
Stripe is fully integrated into the system. This means you have all financial aspects of your event conveniently in one central location. Clear invoicing, concise summaries, and a single payout streamline your administrative tasks, freeing up time for the important and enjoyable aspects of your event.

Don’t wait any longer and seize the opportunity to step into the rest of the world with your event without worries about payments.



What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment platform specializing in processing international payments worldwide. Learn more about Stripe as a payment platform for your international transactions.

What happens to my ongoing events that use OBP?

All published events utilizing OBP will continue to do so. For new events, an automatic selection will be made between DCS and Stripe.

How can I start using Stripe now?

For every new event involving foreign currency and VAT, you will begin using Stripe right away. All you need to do is activate the payment system, a one-time process for the entire organization.

How do I activate my Stripe account for international events?

When using Stripe for the first time, you’ll need to activate it. Do this from the payments page in your dashboard. For events with VAT outside the Netherlands, we require more details from your organization compared to events in the Netherlands. Make sure to have all your company information ready when activating the payment system.

Are there additional costs for an event outside the Netherlands?

No, we charge the same transaction fees for both national and international payments. Check here for an overview of transaction costs per payment method and other charges.

Please note! A professional package with a financial add-on is required for processing payments.

Can I receive ticket funds into a foreign bank account?

Yes, if your company has a bank account outside the Netherlands, you can receive participant fees collected through All amounts from will be paid out in euros. If your account is in a different currency, the exchange rate of your bank at the time of payout will apply.

When will my participant fees be paid out?

All participant fees will be paid out after your event concludes. All proceeds will be reconciled with incurred costs and transferred in a single payment.

Please note! All participant fees will be paid out in euros.


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