Privacy statement

Zirolab B.V. and subsidiaries B.V. and Delft Congress Support B.V. (hereafter: Zirolab) respect the privacy of all users of our web service and guarantees that the personal information that is provided to us is handled confidentially. When you use as an event organizer, we only ask you to provide us with information that is needed for our billing service and communication directly related to our web service. When you use our web service as an event participant, we ask you to provide us with personal and address information for the creation of route navigation and to simplify the registrations to future events you are interested in. For the use of, providing this information is obligated.

In addition to contact information, the organizer of the event for which you have been invited can decide to ask you for additional information. The organizer has the responsibility to indicate if providing this information is mandatory.

If you register for an event, the organizer can choose to make personal information available to the other participants of this event. Documents and photos that you have added to the repository of an event are always viewable for all participators of the event. The other information that you provide in relation to an event, for instance in the registration form or in a survey, are only viewable to the organizer.

For any (personal) information that you provide is only available to persons that are involved in the events for which you (de)register. These persons have to authenticate themselves by means of a password. Your information is never public nor viewable by internet search engines.

Zirolab will NOT sell your personal information and only provide it to a third party when it is directly involved in services related to the event you have registered for.

You have the right to validate you information and change it when necessary through written request to

We appreciate the confidence that you have in us and we will handle you personal information with the greatest care.

On the website we use cookies. Cookies are small snippets of information that are stored by your internet browser. Zirolab uses cookies to identify you during repeating visits and for the safety and protection of your personal information.

If you wish to give feedback or make a complaint about our privacy policy, or if you have the opinion that our site does not comply with our privacy policy, you can contact us through phone or email.