10 ideas for promoting your next event

Event promotion is a standard component in organizing an event. Without promotion, your target audience won’t be able to find the event. Finding the right message and promotional channels can be quite a challenge. You need a good dose of creativity and the right strategy to spend your budget as efficiently as possible.

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We’ve put together our favorite promotion ideas. Make sure to take these into account when you’re drawing up your next event marketing plan.


1. Early-Bird Registration

Offering early-bird discounts is an excellent event marketing method to entice participants to sign up sooner. Furthermore, it gives you an idea of the level of interest in your event. Is your current promotional strategy effective, or does it need adjustments?


2. Banners

Are you organizing a local event or operating from a picturesque location? Promote your event by placing banners outside the office. If that’s not possible, consider reaching out to local advertising providers to explore potential options.


3. A creative Landing page

The landing page is where prospective participants find information and register. It’s crucial to make a strong impression and ensure the registration process is as smooth as possible. Include all relevant event details and a direct CTA (call-to-action) button for registration.


4. Include a Registration Button in Promotional Videos

Have you created a promotional video or an after-movie from previous events? Incorporate a CTA button in this video, leading to the registration for the new event. You can edit the video in the YouTube Studio.


5. Utilize Various Content Channels

Create compelling, informative content to promote your event and ask sponsors, investors, and other stakeholders to share this content on their channels. Reach out to industry websites with extensive reach within your target audience to share this content as well.


6. Use Marketing Automation

Inviting your target audience by email is always a good idea. However, marketing automation takes this a step further. With it, you can respond to the recipient’s actions. For instance, send a follow-up email to those who have opened the mail, viewed the website, but have not registered. This group has shown interest in the event and presents significant opportunities!

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7. Engage Participants On Social Media

Involve (potential) participants in the event preparation on social media. Share sneak previews, announce speakers, and give a glimpse of the venue. Excite attendees about the event by taking them along on the journey leading up to the event.


8. Retargeting On Social Media

Many people spend a lot of time on social media – a widely known fact. Leverage this by targeting users. The chance that a user will register upon seeing one post is slim. Retargeting is an excellent way to remind users they haven’t registered yet.


9. Look For Communities

Social media groups and communities are places where users with similar interests gather. Is your target audience here too? If so, request to participate and share your content here as well. Note: Advertising is often not appreciated in these groups. Ensure you share non-commercial content and engage in the conversation.


10. Organize A Takeover

Take over the social media channel of a stakeholder – with the right target audience – for a certain period. These take-overs are very popular on Instagram. Alternatively, let an influencer take over your social media channels for a day.


Event Promotion Strategy

Naturally, an event marketing strategy is essential. Determine in advance what content you want to share, which channels you want to utilize, and establish a suitable timeline. Strong promotion includes standout content. Ask your stakeholders to contribute to this and share it within their network. This ensures that your event’s message comes across even more powerfully.

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