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With our new Speaker widget, it’s easier than ever to present your speakers, teachers, or performers to the participants of your event. Whether you’re organizing an event full of workshops, presentations, or performances, with this new feature, you can create a beautiful overview of all the important players at your event in no time. And you can easily place this on your event website too.

Directly from your computer, add all the speaker information to aanmelder.nl and let the widget instantly create an overview for your event website. You have full control over where you show the speakers and how much information is displayed. For example, do you want to show the job title of all your speakers? You can set your preferences for all speakers. Moreover, you can choose from different layouts, so it perfectly fits the style of your event.

Don’t have all the information from your speakers yet or need to make adjustments? No worries! In the Speaker widget, you can easily modify or supplement the information at any time. All changes are immediately implemented live on your event website, so the information is always up-to-date.

What makes the Speaker widget extra powerful besides ease of use is the seamless integration with our Program widget. This integration allows you to easily link a presentation on your program to the speaker giving it. When you make changes to your speakers and save them, this is also directly implemented in the program on your event site. So convenient!

In the coming time, more and more handy additions will be made to the Speaker widget. Such as pop-up information cards with a speaker’s bio, links to social media or websites, and an overview of all program parts the speaker participates in.

Curious about how you can get started with the new Speaker widget?

Tip: This new feature is only available on the new website builder. Want to know more about the new website builder? Then read further in the blog “Start building your Event Site today with our new builder”or keep an eye on all the latest developments on our news page.

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