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Make your event easily discoverable with the new Map Widget

Even after your participants have registered, it’s crucial to ensure their experience is seamless. The ease of finding your event location plays a key role in this. Nothing is as frustrating as standing at the wrong door!

With the brand-new Map Widget for your event website, you can ensure your participants don’t have to worry about this. Simply place the interactive widget on your website using drag-and-drop and enter the address. Your participants will see a clear Google Maps view, with your location clearly marked. This allows them to easily view the location and surrounding area, directly from your event website. And with just one click, your participants can open the  event location directly on their phone on the large map in Google Maps and navigate directly to your event location. 

No more static link or location text that gets lost in the information on your website. Thanks to the interactive Map Widget, your event website becomes dynamic and user-friendly for your participants.

Are you ready to make your event website dynamic? Then get started with the Map Widget today!


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