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Making International Event Payments Easier Than Ever Before

In an ever-growing trend, event organizers from across the globe are opting to open their events to participants from multiple countries.

Increasingly, organizers from around the world want to utilize a professional registration and payment system. This often involves additional considerations such as choosing a payment system and figuring out currencies and VAT. At, our mission is to streamline this process, ensuring simplicity and ease for you, allowing you to fully focus on putting together an amazing event.

By the end of January, all you need to do when setting up payments for your event is choose a currency and a VAT country. The system will automatically select the payment system that best suits your event. But that’s not all! The VAT percentages for the country you’ve chosen will also be automatically made available for your tickets, ensuring smooth and correct payments.

With the addition of a new payment system, will automatically support more than 50 foreign currencies. This means you can easily organize events almost anywhere in the world, with the process of selecting an appropriate payment system being made easier than ever before.

In the lead-up to this international development, you’ll already see some changes on the payment page of your event. We aim to have the updated feature available by the end of January.

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But we’re not stopping at payment systems! In 2024, we’ll be introducing even more options to allow you to organize international events with Think about creating registration forms in multiple languages, for instance.

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