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At, we understand the indispensable nature of event registration better than anyone else. Inviting and informing guests forms the core of every successful gathering. Fortunately, we offer an extensive range of services, including Event Check-In, Event Platform, Event Streaming, and our powerful Event Management software, making registration, ticketing, and streaming exceptionally accessible.

Event Management is crafted with one goal in mind: simplifying processes surrounding event registration. And now, we’re taking that to the next level with the launch of the Event Website Builder. This not only makes creating event websites more practical but also more user-friendly and visually appealing than ever before!

Event Website Builder

Read the interview with Tim for essential insights

Event Inspiration interviewed Tim Castelein, our lead product developer. Tim has been closely involved in the setup of the new Event Website Builder and shared his insights. Because what exactly sets this new version apart from the others? We’d love to give you a sneak peek and share two highlights from this conversation:

1. More freedom, more possibilities

Tim emphasized the desire to give organizers even more control in designing event websites. With this new builder, users can effortlessly move individual block elements, combine sections, and place various visual elements side by side. The freedom and flexibility have significantly increased, allowing each site to have a unique appearance that perfectly suits the event.

“Our tools make it very easy for organizers to quickly develop their own event site, shaping it as simple or complex as desired. Customers are highly satisfied, but we wanted to offer them an even better experience.” – Tim Castelein, Developer at

2. Interactive and user-friendly tools

Another crucial point highlighted was the focus on interactive and user-friendly tools. The new functionalities enable easy and visually appealing presentation of programs. With specific event widgets, organizers can seamlessly integrate speakers, program details, and other information, providing participants with a streamlined experience.

Want more insights and details about these revolutionary changes? Read the full interview with Tim on Event Inspiration and discover how these new features elevate your events to the next level!

Please note that this interview is written in Dutch!

The future of your events

In addition to the two revealed points, this interview provides a glimpse into the future of your events. Tim reveals intriguing details about upcoming updates, including a promising sponsor module and an advanced map widget. Learn more about the planned additions of videos, photo galleries, and social media channels that will elevate your event websites.

Start your journey toward event innovation!

Ready to explore the future of event planning? Read the complete interview and prepare for the upcoming possibilities that our Event Website Builder offers!

How to access the interview? Visit Event Inspiration and delve into this inspiring interview! Learn how the Event Website Builder from is making a difference in the world of event organization. Go to the interview with Tim!

Please note that this interview is written in Dutch!

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