The workshop will focus on the following topics:


•  Growth of hex-SiGe nanowires and nanowire branches
•  Planar growth of hex-SiGe and integration on silicon
•  Transmission electron microscopy of hex-SiGe
•  Defects in hex-SiGe
•  Stimulated emission in hex-SiGe: Towards lasing.
•  Laser cavity design
•  DFT calculations on the bandstructure, band offsets, etc.
•  Observation of 1.5 ns radiative lifetime in hex-Ge
•  Raman spectroscopy
•  Surface passivation. Nonradiative recombination.
•  Ohmic contacts
•  Hex-SiGe quantum wells and quantum dots
•  Towards a hex-SiGe single photon emitter


        The workshop is organized by dr. Jos Haverkort (TU/e), Prof. Erik Bakkers (TU/e), dr. Laetitia Vincent (CNRS/Univ. Paris Saclay), Prof. Jonathan Finley (TUM), Heinz Schmid (IBM), Prof. Silvana Botti (FSU Jena) and dr. Marcel Verheijen (TU/e). The location is on the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology in Eindhoven in “de Zwarte Doos” (


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 event registration made easy