Welcome on our homepage of the celebration of 70 years World Council of Churches on the 23th of august in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam.

When you look above this text you will find the buttons register and contact and location and more information about other events the same day.

The service is fully booked. We refer you to the livestream. www.eo.nl/kerkdiensten which will cover a part of the Walk of Peace at 15.40 hours and from 16.00 hours the service.

There is a waiting list. If you want to be put on this list write an e-mail to: Mrs. Eveline Bersma: bureau.bersma@gmail.com. If there is a place available we will inform you as soon as possible.


If you like so you can attend two other events see under the button background. (the symposium of the protestant theological university and or participate in the Walk of Peace.)

For more information look at those buttons above.

We are looking forward to meet you.


On behalf of the organizing committee,

ds. Karin van den Broeke en ds. Margarithe Veen.

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy