Best Value


Best Value is a philosophy that is about different organization and cooperation in the chain, in order to achieve better results. Space is given to bring in expertise and also to accept that expertise. No management, direction and control. An important goal is to create a win-win situation for all parties involved, so that each party wants and can add value to the end result. Based on this vision, a methodology has been developed that is used to select an expert party for an assignment.

Best Value PIPS and IMT minimize the owner's project management by as much as 80%. Dr. Dean's research has resulted in the identification that efficiency on both the owner and the vendors operation is required for a win-win environment. This is one of the few documented processes that brings better value for the owner and maximizes the profit of the vendor.

This concept is contrary to traditional price-driven procurement. The technology has been tested 1800+ times totaling $ 6.6 Billion ($ 4.4 Billion in construction projects and $ 2.2 Billion in non-construction projects) with a 98% success rate since 1994 in 7 different countries and 32 states in the USA.

Dr Dean has presented 700+ times to professionals all over the world and published 274 publications and journal papers.

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