DC Summit 2020

DC grids are considered to be a key technology:

  • for the future energy transition enabling connection, collection and integration of renewable energy resources;
  • for the realization of integrated power systems;
  • for mobile applications (electric ships, aircrafts);
  • for new types of urban and industrial distribution power networks and
  • to bridge and support existing AC systems. 

The DC summit will bring together Netherlands and also world’s experts in DC grids from industry and academia. The invited speakers will address topics and share practical experience with projects such as DC on ships and Naval vessels,  DC in de Amsterdam Arena, DC in tunnels and roads (N470), DC projects in Netherlands, DC in the Dutch Energy Policy and Legislation, DC in Standards and Innovation. Leading researchers from TU Delft, RWTH Aachen, Aalborg University and Kiel University will share results and present power electronic solutions for DC grids such as DC transformer for Low Voltage and Medium Voltage distribution grids up to a MW range, solutions for a DC house, solutions for charging of EVs, Power flow control and protection devices,  Control and Automation for DC, Cyber Security and Artificial intelligence oriented design.   

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy