Creative professionals, independent of the context they work in, will face changes that are the result of their new tasks, role and responsibility. They will have to learn to deal with the digital transition, with thinking in systems while considering the human experience, and with the fact that their ‘products’ are to be permanently monitored and modified. Additionally, there is a growing collection of considerations and stakeholders that they have to involve in their design. These challenges are echoed in the demands we place on their competencies, the way they realize value and leverage (unconventional) resources to achieve their goals.



 13:30 - 14:30


Design Roadmapping; Future Visioning for Organisational Innovation

Design roadmapping – future visioning carried out by strategic designers – shapes manager’s perceptions of the ‘imaginable’; in ways that have concrete implications for decision-making and for the allocation of resources on innovation. This lecture investigates the role of vision imagination, creation and realization in design roadmapping for design innovation in organizations.

Speaker: Dr. ir. Lianne W.L. Simonse

Open Innovation for the Internet of Things
Successful open product platforms for the Internet of Things can benefit from the creativity of the crowd. At the same time, it is challenging for platform owners to, for example, maintain control over the user experience. In this talk, Susan illustrates her latest academic research with a case study of the Philips Hue.

Speaker: Susan Hilbolling

Energy efficiency business models: Fit to serve?
Most new business propositions are formed around a product-service combination. In energy efficiency, however, business models are still mainly product solutions, as shown in recent research by Duneworks and Ideate. Such ‘unfit’ business models might be the cause for a slow market uptake; in this talk Renske illustrates how to change that.

Speakers: Renske Bouwknegt, Ruth Mourik

Business Model Innovation by 3D Print Entrepreneurs
The business models of 3D print entrepreneurs consist of activities related to the creation, distribution, retention and consumption of value, but also of information exchange  within their communities. In this study, Peter sheds light on how 3D print entrepreneurs share and exchange goods, services and knowledge as peers.

Speaker: Peter Troxler



 15:00 - 16:00

Successfully implementing your crossover projects
Designers are playing an increasingly important role in crossover and open
innovation projects, injecting new ideas into other industries. However, these
ideas are often so unorthodox that they get stranded. In this session, experts in open-innovation projects in different domains share insights into hands-on
strategies for getting innovative ideas successfully implemented.

Organisers: Dirk Deichmann, Ieva Rozentale
Speakers: Pieter Aarts, Christine De Lille, Robert Barnhoorn, Vera de Jong ,
Marta Marszal

In this session, we will
     1. present the research outcomes, discussing specific strategies that can               be used to overcome the implementation challenges and improve the                 process of strategic design projects,
     2. building on these insights, have a panel discussion with practitioners
         from diverse fields on the application of these and other best practices,
     3. actively involve the audience in the discussion.

The session is based on the results of the research project The Battle of the Souls (RSM & UvA).

About Battle of the Souls
The research project Battle of the Souls addresses challenges and problems of companies in the creative industry, namely the dilemma between the “head” and the “heart” - the trade-off between a creative/ artistic and a business/
commercial orientation. We investigate this trade-off and examine how it affects business models, collaboration networks, and the innovative capabilities of firms in the creative industries.




trained as designer, holds a MBA in Design Management. Board member of DMN, member of the jury of Dutch Design Awards, NICE Awards and DME Awards. Experienced publicist, speaker, moderator and leader of workshops regarding innovation and design thinking.
has studied Industrial Design at the University of Delft and is founder and partner at Spark design & innovation. Robert focuses on product innovation, client relations, realizing big dreams, human resources and international networking and collaborations. 

is partner at service design agency Ideate, and co operating agent for the IEA DSM task 25 on businessmodels. Renske specializes in servitization and service innovation in the public sector.

assistant professor at Rotterdam School of Management. Dirk is currently involved in the “Battle of the Souls” project. His general research focuses on the determinants and outcomes of creative and innovative behavior, with particular emphasis on the role of social networks.
studied Strategic Product Design (TUDelft) and is currently a PhD Candidate at the VU Amsterdam (KIN Research Group). Her research focusses on managing digital innovation processes in platform-based ecosystems.
founder of Urban Connectors - a catalyst and facilitator of social innovation projects in the urban sphere. Currently, her main focus is sQuare Amsterdam - an emerging professional co-creation and peer-learning community with on- and offline facilities for creative makers.
trained as industrial designer (TU Delft IDE), holds a PhD. Board member of DMN (Design Management Network NL), reviewer and organizer of design conferences, researcher (CRISP: Creative Industry Scientific Program), focus on design in innovation networks, project leader of the research program of TU Delft IDE and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
is the founder of Remember to Play (RtP) an Amsterdam based strategic design company, which supports organisations to get on the design-driven innovation path. RtP specialises in opportunity finding through qualitative research and future scenario building, as well as concept development through co-creation and prototyping.
aims to contribute to a more sustainable world where end-users are more involved in decisions impacting their lives. Ruth works on open innovation, co-creation, multiple value creation, new business models, changing behaviour, and societal acceptance of new technologies.
PhD candidate and lecturer at Amsterdam Business School. She studies how firms can manage conflicting strategies simultaneously; her particular focus is on business models in creative industries. Ieva is also the co-founder of a placemaking team 'nēbetjā'.
Lianne is passionate about innovation, design and strategy and its wonderful combination. She conducts a research track on Design roadmapping and teaches a master course on it at the Industrial Design
Engineering Faculty of Delft University of Technology.
holds a PhD from ETH Zurich. He is a research professor at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. His main research interest are the developments in digital manufacturing and their impact on value creation, business models and networked collaboration.


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