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Make an Impact: Create a Photo Gallery for Your Event Website!

As an event organizer, you know better than anyone that showcasing your event in the best light is crucial. Sharing a captivating atmosphere from previous editions or this year’s photos with your participants can enhance the whole experience!. A good photo gallery can be used in various ways to make your event website more appealing.


Set the mood with your event photos

With the new gallery feature, you now have the opportunity to present all your photos in a modern way on your event website. Choose from 2 different style options and easily determine in how many columns your photos are displayed. Your participants can not only view the photos in small size but also enlarge them in a navigable carousel.


Practical and professional

The gallery not only looks professional to your participants, but is also practically designed for your use as an event organizer. Uploading photos can be done in one go and you can arrange the order of the gallery photos with drag-and-drop. Make adjustments to the gallery at any time by adding or removing photos or changing the order, with one click of a button everything is immediately implemented on the website.

Tip: Don’t forget to add an alternative text to each image to increase the visibility of your website in search engines.

Do you also want to start working with image galleries on your website? Our knowledge base will help you make optimal use of this new element for your event website.


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