Workshop: Explore entrepreneurship in Molecular Sciences 

Workshop: Explore entrepreneurship in Molecular Sciences

Venue: ACE Venture Lab, Science Park 402, Amsterdam

Dates: 30th of September and 7th of October 2016

For: MSc, PhD & Postdocs


The program

Explore Molecular Sciences combines sessions led by scientists-turned-entrepreneurs and startup experts.Through short lectures and workshops, the two-day program will inspire you to think as an entrepreneur, and equip you with the basic skills, contacts and confidence you need to increase your chances of startup success.

Program format

  • 2 days of concentrated and interactive 30 min lectures followed by in-depth practical exercises to put theory into practice.  
  • Core topics to be complimented by selected startup experts and industry-specific cases/examples

Learning objectives

  • Communicating your research to a broader audience
  • Understanding the ways to access markets with your business idea
  • Understanding of technology transfer, exploration of commercial opportunities and available support

How to sign up

All interested molecular scientists (MSc/PhD/Postdoc) can sign up on this page! Please bear in mind that the registration is open to all interested scientists but limited in the number of participants. The enrolment is on a first-come-first-served basis.
We encourage you to submit your business idea as via ACE Venture Lab website 3-2 weeks before the program start date (30/9/16). However, there is plenty of time and inspiration to think up something during the first course day. 


About ACE Venture Lab

ACE Venture lab is the top notch University Business Incubator in the Netherlands. It’s Entrepreneurship Programs bring together 8 years of experience. Since its launch in 2013, ACE Venture Lab has incubated over 50 companies in a variety of sectors, including life science, advanced materials and sustainable chemistry.

About ILCA

Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam (ILCA) is the Amsterdam Science Park partnership that supports you in filling the gap between university and a commercial environment. We offer equipment, housing (both lab and pilot plant facilities), knowledge and research to researchers and companies who are looking to set up or innovate their business.



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 event registration made easy