Welcome to the conference registration-form. 

1. If you live in in a low human development country you can use the solidarity bursary fund and attend the conference for a reduced fee. Please send an email to secretary@iaevgconference2023.nl. We will mail you the discount code.

2. If you are a member of the Scientific Committee and you only need a ticket for the online event, choose option 4. With the code earlier provided to you, you will obtain your access to the online event. If you decide to attend the live conference, please use option 1 or 2. 

3. If you are a member of Noloc or IAVG, please select this option.

4. The gala dinner is in an informal setting. However, if you want to change, changing rooms are available if you are not staying in a nearby hotel.

5. The venue has prayer rooms available at the location.


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