Building Inclusive Agricultural Value Chains

Online Seminar Series, October 2020

Inclusive agricultural value chains hold the promise of improving the livelihoods of farmers, while offering commercial actors a reliable supply of high-quality raw materials and products. However, there are many uncertainties about how to organize inclusive agricultural value chains, especially because such value chains usually have a global set-up while the production of biomass takes place in widely diverging contexts. We understand agricultural value chains to include chains leading to food products, clothing, energy, and biobased applications.

This online event will bring scholars, policy makers and practitioners together to discuss various questions and issues regarding building inclusive agricultural value chains. It will take the shape of a seminar series in October 2020 with four sessions:

  • Tue. 6 Oct. 2020, 18–20 CET (12–14 NY time, 9–11 LA time)
  • Tue. 13 Oct. 2020, 18–20 CET (12–14 NY time, 9–11 LA time)
  • Tue. 20 Oct. 2020, 18–20 CET (12–14 NY time, 9–11 LA time)

The first three sessions will consist of a public keynote lecture followed by a closed discussion of research papers. The fourth session will be a public event with a variety of program elements (to be announced).



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 event registration made easy