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Panel members, please be sure to register and submit your full paper before 1 March 2017. Please upload the abstract of your accepted paper as soon as possible.     


This conference is organized by Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands (Huygens ING) in collaboration with Radboud University (RUN) and Utrecht University (UU).

The organizational team includes Prof. dr. Ida Nijenhuis (Huygens ING, RUN), Dr. Marijke van Faassen (Huygens ING), Dr. Ronald Sluijter (Huygens ING), Dr. Wim de Jong (RUN) and Dr. Joris Gijsenbergh (UU). The conference organizers are grateful for financial and material support from Huygens ING, RUN, VU University and The Research School Political History (OPG).

When: 16&17 March 2017
Where: Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam (VU), Main building

Conference Fee:
standard fee: €50,- undergraduate fee: €25,- conference dinner: €35,-