Provisional program 30 November 2017

Location: Royal Library, The Hague

10.00AM - 10.05AM Welcome and introduction by Ido de Haan
10.05AM - 11.30AM
1. Panel: Writing the History of Political Culture
Chair: Dries Raeymaekers

Key note: Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger

Panelists: Marnix Beyen, Dennis Bos and Lotte Jensen
11.30AM - 12.00PM Break
12.00PM - 01.00PM Elevator pitches, sand pit  and poster presentations
01.00PM - 02.00PM Lunch
02.00PM - 03.30PM
2. Panel: Writing the History of Political Institutions
Chair: Ronald Kroeze

Key note: Mark Bevir

Panelists: Carla van Baalen, Marieke de Goede, Anne Heyer
03.30PM - 04.00PM Break
04.00PM - 05.30PM
3. Panel : The politics of the history of politics
Chair: Karin van Leeuwen

Key note: Marc Stears

Panelists: Wouter Beekers, Dienke Hondius, and Wim van Meurs
05.30PM - 06.30PM Sand pit
06.00PM - 08.00PM Drinks and dinner at Dudok, The Hague
08.00PM - 09.30PM 2017-2019: Celebrating 100 years of voting rights?

Provisonal Program 1 December 2017

Location: Royal Library, The Hague

10.00AM - 11.30AM
1. Panel: Writing Global History
Chair: Liesbeth van der Grift

Key note: Corinna Unger

Panelists: Kiran Patel, Remco Raben and Anne-Isabelle Richard.

11.30AM - 12.30PM Elevator pitches, sand pit and poster presentations
12.30AM - 01.30PM Lunch
01.30PM - 03.00PM
2. Panel: Writing the Political History of the Social Chairs: Harm Kaal and Stefan Couperus

Key note: Lutz Raphael.

Panelists: Gita Deneckere, Karwan Fatah Black and Geertje Mak.

03.00PM - 03.30PM Break
03.30PM - 04.00PM Presentation results sandpit
04.00PM - 04.30PM

Writing Political History Today

Conclusions by Henk te Velde.

04.30PM - 06.00PM Drinks


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