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Here you can find all the information about the Tour of The Enterprises (up to now Night of the Enterprise). Tour of the Enterprises which will take place on Tuesday, November 22, 2016. You can register for the event and find more information about the participating enterprises.

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Looking for interesting job opportunities or an internship?

TU Delft, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Inholland University of Applied Sciences and the Municipality of Delft are organizing the Tour of The Enterprises. Students are offered a unique opportunity to meet with companies in Delft.

Sign up for a specific theme (High Tech, ICT/security, Design, Biotechnology, Buildingtechnology and Entrepeneurship) and hop on the bus that brings you to three companies operating in the field. Once we have received all registrations, we will email you the number of the bus/walking(theme) you are assigned to. The start and end point of the tours is OGD ict-diensten, Rotterdamseweg 380, Delft. The doors open at 15:30.

Don't miss this great opportunity to meet with companies looking for talent and experience. Get a feel for the various businesses and see what happens in the workplace.




LBVD (theme: IT/security)
Our mission is to make the digital world livable. That’s how we help organizations move forward. The digital world brings functionality and convenience, but also risks. Clients of LBVD do not have to worry about the risks of the digital world and can focus on what they are good at. We continuously work on solutions that ensure that the digital world is livable. Solving problems and thus helping organizations forward makes our work fun. LBVD is an ambitious expert in information security. Our customers are special, the way we work is special and so are our professionals. They are experts in the fields of Technology, Organization and People, they are creative, positive and result oriented. They love their job, are communicative and want to inspire their customers and eachother. Does LBVD sound like a good workplace for you? LBVD is always looking for new talent, with a lot in store, professionally, but also personally. Do you want to know more? Please come and see us.

M-industries (theme: IT/security)
We at M-industries are looking for students and graduates that have a passion for software and data. Are you either interested in becoming a software developer or a business consultant, read on. Over the last 5 years, we have developed a platform that enables us to build applications in just days, where it would take all of our competition months. This platform has a strong scientific background and is thouroughly tested in the real world with several multinationals as customers. We are scaling up and are looking for people that want to join us on this adventure. 

If you have experience with programming or do you like to organize data (think excel pivot tables, vlookups etcetera or database designs), please visit us and we'll show you what software development will look like 10 years from now: We will host a workshop that allows you to create an application within 1 hour. As a M-industries business consultant, you will learn about how to analyse the bottlenecks and waste of manufacturing companies and allow them to improve their operational excellence.
As a M-industries software developer, you will learn how to develop languages, compilers, database engines and user interface engines.
Hope to see you during the tour!

Tenuki (theme: ICT)
Tenuki is an important player in the field of software for traffic information. Every day, our software ensures complete and up to date traffic information. Our work is the basis for traffic jam and route information on the internet, several mobile apps and the signs above and along the highway. Besides big data services, we also create tailor made applications and tools to support traffic managers in their work. With our dedication and enthusiasm we have created a company where people are valued for their expertise and motivated to grow and develop new qualities!
You can find more about our team and company on Tenuki .

Onlinebetaalplatform (theme ICT)
'Online Payment Platform’ (Online Betaalplatform) is a payment service provider offering a flexible online platform with which payments are facilitated. Online Payment Platform is a high-end technical solution developed by an experienced and innovative team. Our team of payment specialists has distinguished itself multiple times in the payment market, winning awards such as Innovate, Accenture and Sprout. Achievements we are proud of. We provide services for numerous other payment platforms and partners some of them are: Marktplaats, PayPal and Universities.

For the Tour of the Enterprises we will show students how we became a fast- growing payment service provider and why -a relatively young company- is able to serve both global and national leading brands. We will also take the time to dream about the future and listen to what students think about the payments' landscape how it will evolve and how it could help society prosper.

OGD ict-diensten (theme ICT)
OGD ict-diensten is a Dutch IT service provider in the fields of infrastructure, service management and software development. We do this by means of outsourcing, projects and consulting. Customers praise our flexibility, friendly pricing and informal organization. Our company’s culture is one of knowledge-sharing and constant innovating. This ensures that OGD has been able to provide high-quality IT solutions since 1987. OGD has developed LIFT, a CRM tool, and TOPdesk, both of which have developed into their own independent companies now. 

We’d like to speak with all sorts of students from Delft University of Technology, it doesn’t matter what study they are finishing. Our main focus is people who are almost done with a computer science/ICT master. We prefer to have Dutch speaking students in our group.

Biothane/Veolia (theme: Biotechnology)
Biothane, Veolia Water Technologies anaerobic brand, is one of the world's leading companies in the field of biological treatment of industrial wastewater. We have a portfolio of highly effective technologies that can be applied in a vast variety of sectors and installations. With more than 580 installations constructed in over 40 countries around the globe, Biothane demonstrates its outstanding competency in the field of anaerobic wastewater treatment. For students Veolia created “The PANGEO Programme”. This program offers you the opportunity to start your professional career in one of Veolia's subsidiaries, present in every continent. PANGEO brings out your inter-cultural skills as you work in a different country to your home country.

3M (theme: Biotechnology and High Tech)
3M Company is a world-class, science-based company. At 3M, science is at the heart of everything we do. It is both our inspiration and the medium that allows us to innovate, internally and with partners across countless industries. It is what allows us to solve the problems no one else can tackle.
“Applied to Life” is the umbrella for the many business units of 3M and how they come together to make life better for consumers and our world.
This is what makes us 3M.

3M is:
The adhesive holding your plane together …
The respirator helping you breathe easier …
The sterile bandage used by your surgeon …
The combat helmet protecting our heroes …
And yes, the Post-it® Note keeping you organized.

LennTech (theme: Biotechnology)
Lenntech, founded in 1993 by alumni of the Technical University Delft, is an international company situated nearby the campus of TUDelft. With an experienced team of environmental, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers we can offer a wide variety of water treatment solutions for industries that require a specific water quality. Lenntech has provided water purification & filtration solutions for all types of applications and industries. We apply our own research into lab and pilot test units and design and build complete instillations exported all over the world.  
We are continuously looking for starters and professionals who want to grow with us.

TBA (theme:  ICT/Simulation)
TBA was founded in the nineties of the previous century as a consultancy firm focusing on solving logistic problems with advanced tools.Today, TBA's vision is to improve the cost efficiency and productivity of container and bulk terminals world-wide through consultancy and software. We clearly distinguish ourselves by state-of-the-art tools such as simulation and emulation. Our clients include all major container terminal operators worldwide and many local port operators. TBA is headquartered in Delft (The Netherlands), has offices in Düsseldorf (Germany) and Satu Mare (Romania).

XVR Simulations (theme: ICT/Simulation)
XVR Simulation is a leading developer of virtual reality simulation technology for the education, training and assessment of safety & security professionals. The XVR software platform is built on the award winning Unity 3D engine, enabling XVR Simulation to create 3D virtual training environments with world class visuals and sound effects. XVR features a large number of training environments featuring realistic models, buildings, vehicles and objects. XVR Simulation gives customers unparalleled freedom and options to build their own training environments and scenario’s, including the possibility to recreate existing environment with the use of Google Earth images, photographs and GIS-data. Over 200 educators in 30 countries worldwide use XVR to train 70,000 incident responders every year. Our main user groups are schools & training centres, emergency services, industry & infrastructure, and maritime & offshore. 

Netherland Forensic Institute (theme: HighTech)
The challenges at the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) are endless. Especially in the expertise of Digital Forensics.
If you see yourself wearing a t-shirt with ‘no, I will not fix your computer’ (but you can) you’ll feel right at home with us.

Come and see us at the Netherlands Forensic Institute and experience the technologically and advanced organization that we are. We invite you to see our interesting projects in action. People working at Digital Technology and Biometry, one of the Divisions of the NFI, understand encoding, enjoy solving a puzzle and will continue to look for the answer even if it seems a dead end. You will be asked to view your assignments from different angles and work with different scenario’s in mind. You will for instance find new ways to enquire the data on encrypted mobile phones, reverse engineer software or find characteristic patterns in data from different sources. You answer questions such as “where do these files come from?”, “What happened on January 4th?” and “what do these timestamps mean” or “can you determine which person wrote this text?”.

Working at the NFI is relevant to society. The NFI offers a challenging environment as one of the world leading forensic laboratories. We invest heavily in Research and Development and focus on staying ahead in the field.

Thales Group (theme: HighTech)
Thales Nederland is the Dutch branch of the international Thales Group. The company has about 2,000 employees working at branches in Hengelo (HQ), Huizen, Delft, Enschede and Eindhoven. Thales Nederland specializes in designing and producing professional electronics for defence and security applications, such as radar and communication systems. Moreover, Thales Nederland acts a local point of contact for the complete portfolio of the Thales Group.

S & T Corps (theme: HighTech)
R&D Solutions for Space, Science and Defence
Science [&] Technology bridges the R&D market gap. 

At S[&]T, we understand that technology doesn't solve problems; people do! Our systems-level thinkers know how to use science and technology as a tool to solve complex problems in many domains. By choosing the right tools, and putting them in the right hands, S[&]T builds a bridge from technical capabilities through to market-ready solutions.

We specialise in delivering:
§  Sensing and Control Systems
§  Scientific Data Processing
§  Intelligent Software Applications
§  High Tech Consulting

Are you meant to be at S[&]T?
At S[&]T, relationships always come first, and we treat our employees like we would like to be treated. We understand that smart people need flexibility, challenging projects, open communication and a motivating career path. If you would like to choose your own adventure when it comes to building a role that is right for you, we are here to support you along the way. Our flat structure and direct connections in a variety of R&D settings provides you with plenty of opportunity, while we also work hard to ensure that we create a fun environment along the way.

BPO (theme; Design)
For over twenty-five years BPO is the firm for product development and optimisation for a broad range of products and customers. BPO has developed and optimised products from simple one-piece parts to complex assembled products, like a desk chair for Ahrend, Tapje for Heineken or a suitcase for Samsonite. BPO offers its clients innovative design, expert advice and effective optimisations, using its rich knowledge and experience in the field of design and optimisation. A wide range of analyses are carried out with advanced computer software: strength and stiffness, moldflow and cooling analyses. The reduction of costs and technical feasibility but also minimization of risk are central themes in our projects. 

Octatube (theme: Design)
Octatube designs, develops and constructs complex architectural structures and facades, with an emphasis on advanced applications of glass and steel. Octatube has over 30 years 'design & build' experience and is a respected partner for international top architects.

Maakbaar (theme: Design)
Maakbaar is a maker space and city laboratory in Delft for makers, tinkerers, builders or any name you want to give these bright pro-active talents who want to change the world for the better. We are focussed on enforcing the creative industry in Delft and on making technology understandable and accessible to everyone. We are still getting up to speed and we are looking for creative talent with ideas on impacting Delft with our maker community. we are working on Minecraft as an educational tool for archeology and construction, on an online platform for connecting makers and robotics for educational purposes. 

Mapper (theme: High Tech)
MAPPER Lithography develops lithography machines for the chip industry. The core of this mask-less lithography machine is based on an innovative system that uses fibre optics. MAPPER has developed a patented technique in this field that is based on parallel electron beams writing on an electron-sensitive film. With this technique it is possible to direct more than ten thousand switchable parallel electron beams and hereby process enormous amounts of data. We are continuously looking for starters and professionals who want to grow with us and contribute to building machines for the next generation of chips. Working at MAPPER means working together in a high-tech environment at the highest level, with independent and engaged specialists in a range of disciplines. Independence, responsibility and a strong sense of involvement characterize our MAPPER team.

Festo  (theme: HighTech)
Festo is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology and the performance leader in industrial training and education programs. Our aim: maximised productivity and competitiveness for our customers. “We are the Engineers of Productivity”

Heemskerk Innovative Technology  (theme: HighTech)
Heemskerk Innovative Technology performs and supports innovative high-tech projects in the field of robotics and mechatronics.
In addition, HIT is also actively involved in the research and development of high-tech projects in various markets. 
HIT specializes in:
- Complex robotic systems
- Remote Handling
We are active in fields as diverse as robotics for remote maintenance in nuclear environments, space robotics and care robots

De Bouwcampus  (theme: BuildingTechnology)
De Bouwcampus is a meeting place for principals, contractors, construction businesses, educational institutions and research institutions to work together on accelerating renewal and innovation in the construction industry. We work in co-creation on socially relevant challenges concerning infrastructure, housing and commercial and industrial construction. We have a broad network with a variety of stakeholders. For the Tour of the Enterprises we have asked a few of our partners to represent their company:

·      Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands. This includes the main road network, the main waterway network and watersystems. Anneke Witte will tell you about her experiences.

·      Marjan van den Dungen has worked at an international engineering and project management consultancy. She will tell you about her experiences at consultancy agencies in general.

·      TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. This is our mission and it is what drives us, the 2,600 professionals at TNO, in our work every day. Andrew Koster will share his experiences.

FeedbackFruits (theme: Entrepeneurship)

Since our founding our team is on the forefront of a growing movement to change the way the world learns. Together with over 15 leading universities we bring personalized education and engaging education to their students. We achieve this with our web-based platform that utilizes artificial inteeligence and data-driven engagement tools to support teh teachers'didactics. As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to work with the latest web technologies and to develop your skills and learn from a unique team of passionate and talented developers, designers and business professionals.

YES!Delft Students (theme: Entrepeneurship)
YES!Delft Students is linked to the high tech incubator YES!Delft. To date, YES!Delft has guided over 151 start-ups, making it the largest tech incubator in Europe. Because of this position, YES!Delft plays an important role in the valorisation (turning knowledge in market value) of the Delft University of Technology.

The core task of YES!Delft Students however, is to stimulate and support entrepreneurship among students and PhDs. The reason for this is partly to increase the inflow of start-ups to YES!Delft, but also because we feel that it is important to show students the possibilities of entrepreneurship.

YES!Delft Students can help you in everything related to entrepreneurship. If you are interested in finding out more about entrepreneurship or if you want to start your own company, then you’ve found the right place. With different courses, more than 60 activities per year and an open door policy, we offer you all the possibilities in the world to develop yourself in the dynamic field of entrepreneurship. At YES!Delft Students you can get inspired, explore entrepreneurship, learn from the professionals through courses and start your very own Startup!


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