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Keynote Session I  
Sample Cooridination and R Alina Matei
Keynote Session II  
The R infrastructure and Windows build system Jeroen Ooms
Sampling and Estimation  
Using R for variance estimation in social surveys Eleanor Law; Vahé Nafilyan;Ria Sanderson
Evaluation of estimation methods for a new survey of the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) using R Konstantinos Soulanis
Easy Bootstrapping for Rotational Surveys with 'surveysd' Johannes Gussenbauer;Alexander Kowarik; Matthias Till
Variance estimation for annual point estimates and net changes for LFS  using R package vardpoor Juris Breidaks
Lack-of-fit Testing Without Replicates Available – A Modern Clustering Approach Tyler George
R in Organization  
From challenges to opportunities: The Romanian Case of Use R in Official Statistics Nicoleta Caragea;Ana-Maria Ciuhu;Raluca Mariana Dragoescu
Experiences in the migration to RStudio-Server in Statistics Austria Bernhard Meindl;Alexander Kowarik
(R)evolution of generalized systems and statistical tools at Statistics Canada Susie Fortier;Steven Thomas
How the Scottish Government is moving towards R Victoria Avila
Introducing R at Statistics Denmark – a not entirely completed how-to Peter Tibert Stoltze
Data Cleaning  
Overlapping classification for autocoding system Yukako Toko;Shinya Iijima;Mika Sato-Ilic
SelEdit...  - a collection of R packages to implement some optimization-based selective editing techniques Elisa Esteban;Soledad Saldaña;David Salgado
Comparison of multivariate outlier detection methods for nearly elliptically distributed data Kazumi Wada; Mariko Kawano; Hiroe Tsubaki
Errorlocate: finding errors in data Edwin de Jonge
R in Production - Analyses  
Two main uses of R in Statistics Portugal: sampling and confidentiality Pedro Sousa;Conceição Ferreira;Inês Rodrigues;Pedro Campos
Using R for analysis and production of Price Indices for the Production and Services sector of the economy Matt Mayhew
Transforming Health and Social Care Publications in Scotland Anna Price; David Caldwell; Ewout Jaspers; Maighread Simpson
Macroeconomic Statistical Forecasting for Engine Demand Ankit Kamboj; Debojyoti Samadder;Ambica Rajagopal
Methods for Official Statistics  
Optimal Boundary Value for Creating Anonymized Microdata: Empirical Analysis based on Economic Survey Data Yutaka Abe; Kiyomi Shirakawa; Ryota Chiba
Reclin: a package for record linkage and deduplication Jan van der Laan
R packages for optimal stratified sampling: a review and compared evaluation Marco Ballin; Giulio Barcaroli
A First Step towards Statistical Disclosure Control on Multiple Tables Under the Presence of Differential Attacks Kazuhiro Minami; Yutaka Abe
An All-In-One R Application For Validating Model Assumptions In Linear Regression Analysis With Visualizations Joy Chioma Nwabueze; Chisimkwuo John (CANCELLED)
Rumble, a shiny application for Modelling Bayesian Linear Estimation using R-Inla Package Ferdian Fadly [CANCELED]
The Use of R Shiny at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Brandon Kopp
Development of R Shiny Dashboard on Pattern and Characteristics of Tuberculosis Incidence in Malaysia Kamarul Ariffin Mansor;Nurhuda Ismail;Asmahani Nayan;Abd Razak Ahmad [CANCELLED]
Interactive data visualization web-based application using R-Shiny Houssam Hachimi [CANCELLED]
Time Series  
Estimating Differential Mortality from EU-SILC UDB Longitudinal Data Tobias Göllner;Johannes Klotz
Investigating Chaos in Time Series: Evidence from the Cryptocurrency Market Sami Diaf
Combining JDemetra+ and R for Analysing and Visualising Time Series in Official Statistics Atanaska Nikolova
rtrim – an R implementation of Trends and Indices in Monitoring data Patrick Bogaart;Mark van der Loo;Jeroen Pannekoek
Report and GUI programming  
A Corporate Design Toolbox for R Thomas Lo Russo
Alternative to LaTeX for high quality report generation with {rmarkdown} Romain Lesur
Easily translatable Shiny applications Matjaž Jeran
Responsive, web-based graphical user interfaces to R Adrian Dusa
R in production - Automation  
Introduction to 'flagr' Salvati Matteo;Mészáros Mátyás
An internal package for automated metadata documentation Matthias Gomolka
Using R for data cleaning, integration and estimation challenges in Statistics Poland - some conclusions after VIP.ADMIN project Beręsewicz Maciej;Pawlikowski Dawid
R's Shiny package and Survey Solutions for (Active) Survey Management Michael Wild (CANCELLED)
Big Data  
pestim - an R package to compute population estimations using
mobile phone data                 
Bogdan Oancea;David Salgado;Luis Sanguiao;Antoniade Ciprian Alexandru
Evidence for the use of alternative data sources to track consumer and business confidence within emerging markets using sentiment based techniques Hanjo Odendaal
coder: An R-package for fast classification of item data into groups Erik Bülow
Dissemination and Visualisation  
Use of Choropleth Maps for Regional Statistics Jillian Delaney [CANCELLED]
How R is improving the dissemination of statistics within the Department for Work and Pensions Aoife O’Neill
Using R to access official data from the Guatemalan National Institute of Statistics Oscar F. de León
Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI) Dashboard built using R Shiny Manolo Malaver-Vojvodic