'Youth unemployment as a root cause for migration?'

Civic Engagement Alliance invites you to participate in the ‘Youth unemployment as a root cause for migration?’ conference on Thursday 18 April 2019. 

Labour migration. Africa. Root causes. Employment. Youth. Development policy.

Mitigating the root causes of migration dominates the current Dutch development policy. Minister Kaag responds with this policy to the principles stated within the government agreement, based on the assumption that youth employment and education in low income countries will prevent youth from moving to Europe. Proof to support this assumption is questionable. Some sources even indicate the opposite, namely that with improved socio-economic conditions youth are more likely to migrate. The ‘root causes of migration’ are moreover complex, diverse and subject to heated debates and the causal relation between local development and migration is questioned.

Youth employment might even increase youth migration, as better job prospects and higher salaries enable youth to search for a better future elsewhere. The conference ‘Youth unemployment as a root cause for migration?’ will focus on migration of African youth to the European continent. We will take a closer look at one of the identified root causes of migration in the Dutch development policy, namely the lack of socio-economic opportunities and more specifically youth unemployment. We’d like to hear your voice in this debate! 

Together with our host Frénk van der Linden, we will discuss the assumption that youth unemployment is one of the root causes for migration, in a well-known ‘Lagerhuis’ setup, with the room being divided into two groups debating statements.

We are looking forward to add your voices to the most current and relevant debate in the development sector at this moment. Please sign up to guarantee your spot.

Hope to see you on Thursday 18 April!

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